Who is a creative commando!


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If you think creativity is about wild thinking...think twice...

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Who is a creative commando!

  1. 1. Why the Creative Commandoes?Creativity is often thought about as a crazy, ‘thinking wild ‘activity. Or ‘thinking out of the box’.But what box? And how to get out of the box?To say ‘get out of the box’ is one thing.To open the box for us and let us get out is another thing.That’s why in a workshop participants come out with brilliant ideas but in real life they can’t usethe same techniques.‘Creative Commandoes Training’ is our answer to these pertinent questions.We realize creativity training has to work differently. Training people in creativity techniquesalone doesn’t work. We have to create an inner motivation to achieve better results.Creative Commandoes training is geared to create that mind set in the participants’ minds.A commando goes in the wild, but he goes there with a sense of direction and an objective inhis mind.He might be going in a new jungle but he knows what life there inside could be, because beforetaking on this project he has drilled in other jungles many times.He knows how to use his weapons well and at the same time knows that anything, everything inthe world could be used to achieve the desired outcome.He knows his role in the bigger scheme of things and he takes care of the other team mates,not under any obligation, but because he knows it’s vital for the achievement of the outcomeand his own safety.Creative Commandoes training beautifully blends this commando like approach in a fun filledcreativity workshop.How do we do that?We are in a unique position to create this kind of experience.As a NLP trainer Puneet Bhatnagar is involved in a high level ‘commando skills’ training forPolice Trainers.
  2. 2. On the other hand as a creative professional for last 20 years he has a firsthand experience ofcreating ideas for real businesses, in pressure cooker situations where the stakes are high andtime Never Enough!He knows the real problems faced by a creative thinker - The psychological as well as theenvironmental ones.That’s why he approaches creative thinking from specific frame of ‘usability’ in mind.What you learn will become usable in day to day life and decision making.To ensure this, Puneet uses NLP elements to teach creativity approach and that’s what makesthe whole thing way more powerful.This way participants can learn on a conscious as well as on the subconscious level where thereal magic happens.What about the box?We open the box inside out! And dispel it altogether.We don’t approach the creativity thinking from inside: Outside the box perspective.We learn:Thinking through the sphere technique.That’s our original model.So, it’s not just a rehash of creativity techniques that participants can learn through numerousbooks already available. What they learn in our training programmes is the original system ofapproaching creativity in a unique way.This system doesn’t stop at ideation.In Creative Commandoes training we emphasize the fact that creativity is not just aboutideation but to make the ideas happen.So the ideas coming through the sphere are strong and feasible in the DNA.