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Six Month Project Internship With Tuv-Sud South Asia submitted to Jaipur National University.....

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  • TÜV SÜD South Asia is one of the leading German international Inspection, testing & certification body dedicated to adding value to its clients, Products, Services& Processes ,Headquartered in Munich, Germany,. TÜV SÜD employs over 15,000 highly skilled staff in more than 600 locations worldwide. In Asia Pacific, TÜV SÜD is represented by over 3,000 employees at 70 locations.
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  • presentation on Tuv-Sud South Asia Pvt. Ltd.

    2. 2. HISTORY: TÜV SÜD SOUTH ASIA TÜV SÜD's roots date back to the first steam boiler inspection association, founded by steam boiler operators in 1866 in Mannheim as a private-sector regulatory body. The purpose of this inspectorate was to "protect people, the environment and property against technology-related risks". In the years that followed, similar associations sprang up in all industrial centers across Germany, in Baden, Bavaria, Hesse and Saxony. In Bavaria, for example, the "Bayerischer Dampfkessel-Revisions-Verein" was established.
    3. 3. CONTD… Step by step, these associations (which evolved into today's TÜV SÜD subsidiaries after a progression of mergers) expanded their fields of activity in line with technological development – adding fields of operation including electricity, motor vehicles, fire safety, power stations, passenger lifts, cableways, nuclear power stations, environmental protection, Food product safety and management systems.
    4. 4. INTRODUCTION: TÜV SÜD SOUTH ASIA TÜV SÜD South Asia is one of the leading German international Inspection, testing & certification body dedicated to adding value to its clients, Products, Services& Processes ,Headquartered in Munich, Germany,. TÜV SÜD employs over 15,000 highly skilled staff in more than 600 locations worldwide. In Asia Pacific, TÜV SÜD is represented by over 3,000 employees at 70 locations. TÜV SÜD’s revenue was EUR 1.427 billion in 2009. It is represented internationally by more than 600 locations and employees around 15000 highly qualified engineers and professionals.
    5. 5. Contd… We have a global network of laboratories, enabling us to serve companies in all major markets that require a short lead-time for testing and certification. Our laboratories are capable of pesticide & antibiotic residue detections, biological tests covering pathogens, toxins, genetically modified organisms (GMO’s), shelf-life studies, as well as chemical tests like vitamins, minerals, metals, nutritional parameters designed for the whole range of territorial regulatory requirements. In addition, our services can be tailored for your set of processes and procedures or to recognized international standards.
    6. 6. SERVICES: TÜV SÜD SOUTH ASIA TESTING: The bigger your global plans, the greater your need to independently verify the quality of your products. Independent testing anticipates and identifies issues at an early stage. By resolving them promptly, you keep costs down and avoid delays. Most importantly, it protects your reputation from product recalls and costly lawsuits.
    7. 7. CONTD.. Key testing services provided: •Contaminants determination •Toxin checks •Genetically Modified Organism (GMO) testing •Microbiological evaluations •Vitamins estimation •Minerals & trace metals •Shelf life studies •Water analysis •Nutritional value analysis •Allergens •Melamine •Preservatives •Method validations and customized studies •Herbal preparations and dietary supplement evaluations •Customized studies and testing protocols for particular industry applications
    8. 8. Standards we test against: • International standards – BS, EN, LFGB, , Codex • TUV SUD and customer’s in-house standards • Local and regional standards – IS, FSSA, DGHS, • U.S Food and Drug Administration (FDA), APHA, AOAC, AOCS
    9. 9. OTHER SEGMANT OF TESTING Aerospace •Aviation component suppliers testing Automotive & Transportation Automotive supplier testing e-Mobility battery services e-Mobility infrastructure e-Mobility component testing and certification e-Mobility vehicle services Fleet management testing services Functional safety testing for automotive Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) testing services
    10. 10. CONTD.. Consumer Products and Retail •Electrical & electronics testing •Food, health & beauty testing •Hard lines testing •Soft lines testing •Toys & children products testing •Product certification •RoHS Testing Services
    11. 11. CONTD.. Healthcare •Hospital & healthcare providers’ inspection •Quality management & quality control inspection services for Medical Devices Infrastructure •Building systems inspection •Electromechanical systems inspection •Lifts and escalators inspection •Security systems inspection •Bridges and engineering structures inspection •Cableway inspection •Highways and roads inspection •People mover's infrastructure inspection •Electrical power supply inspection •Pipelines inspection •Power generation inspection •Waste water treatment inspection •Water supply inspection
    12. 12. Manufacturing & Industrial Machinery •US field inspections and Canada special inspections •Inspection of components and equipment Power & Energy •Conventional power plant design and planning inspection services •Conventional power plant EPC inspection services •Conventional power plant component inspection services •Inspection services for conventional power plant owners and operators •Inspection in nuclear facilities and research laboratories •Biomass inspection services •Geothermal energy inspection services •Hydropower inspection services •Solar Power - Photovoltaic’s (PV) inspection services •Solar Power - Solar thermal inspection services •Wind Power inspection services CONTD…
    13. 13. CONTD… Real Estate •Inspection services for architects, designers and planners of new buildings •Inspection services for developers, owners, operators, contractors of new buildings •Inspection services for building equipment manufacturers of new buildings •Inspection services for building developers, owners, operators, contractors of existing buildings •Inspection services for building equipment manufacturers of existing buildings •Inspection services for construction materials and products manufacturers /suppliers •TÜV SÜD Score Sports, Leisure & Entertainment •Children's playgrounds & equipment inspection •Leisure parks, developments & ride inspection •Sports venues & facilities inspection
    14. 14. Contd… Energy Efficiency •Energy efficiency inspection for buildings •Energy efficiency inspection for municipalities and regions •Energy efficiency inspection for power plants •Energy efficiency inspection for production plants •Energy efficiency inspection for lifts systems
    15. 15. Training and People Certification Bringing out the best in your people starts with having the right training partner. At TÜV SÜD, we provide a wide range of training programmes in the areas of work safety, management systems and technical skills to high-level executive programs We look forward to partnering with you and effectively supporting the achievement of your business objectives by developing and improving your people's expertise. .
    16. 16. CONTD… Corporate Training and Consulting •VDA 6.3 •Core Tools •ISO/TS 16949:2009 •Information Security Management System •Quality Management System •Environmental Management System •Occupational Health and Safety •Leadership Development Programme
    17. 17. Auditing & Certification Services: TÜV SÜD SOUTH ASIA •ISO 9001 •HACCP •ISO 22000: 2005 •FSSC 22000 •BRC Global Standard for Food •Global GAP •BRC Packaging Standard •Fami-QS •GMP+ Feed Standard •2nd Party audits against customized requirements •Vendor audits
    18. 18. Inspection Services: TÜV SÜD SOUTH ASIA We are one of the few inspection bodies in Asia pacific accredited as per ISO 17020 in food products inspection. For greater confidence in your operations, you need an end-to-end approach to inspection. One that factors in accountability, consistency and compliance at every stage. TÜV SÜD’s inspection services do just that. Services that include infrastructure and construction inspection, installed equipment inspection, factory inspection, hygiene inspection as well as pre- and post-shipment inspection. •Seafood Inspection •Agri commodities inspection for quality & quantity •Fish meal & feed inspection •Rice inspections •Fruits & vegetables inspections for export
    19. 19. Training Programs: TÜV SÜD SOUTH ASIA • Hygiene training • Food Safety & Standards Act and Other new international regulations • Internal auditor programs on HACCP, ISO 9001, ISO 22000 • Analytical equipments • Organic farming, processing and certification • ISO 17025 documentation for in-house labs • HACCP / BRC / Global GAP / ISO 22000 awareness • Other customized trainings
    20. 20. MAJOR PROJECT: FOOD INSPECTION Inspection Services: INITIAL PRODUCTION CHECK (IPC) • To detect the early stages of the production problems and take corrective measures to avoid the generation of large numbers of unqualified Conditions When the amount of goods is about 10% of the total number/or prior to the Production. PRODUCTION MONITORING (PM) • Constant oversight in the Factory with Daily reports of Product Quality &Product status DURING PRODUCTION CHECK (DUPRO) • To ensure the stability of the quality of the production process when the total amount of goods about the number of 30 to 50% FINAL RANDOM INSPECTION (FRI) • To ensure that product meets customer requirements and specifications -conducted when the total amount of product is 100% complete.
    21. 21. Quality Management System • Inspection activities of TÜV SÜD South Asia is in line with international Standard ISO/IEC 17020 • Entire Inspection Process is being audited by NABCB • Internal audits are being conducted at regular intervals to ensure the Quality of Inspection done • Customer feedbacks are taken & reviewed at regular intervals to ensure the Satisfaction of customers in the Inspection process
    22. 22. CONTD… CONTAINER LOADING CHECK (CLC) • To guarantee the Finished Product Which meets the Buyers Specifications are loaded safely for Shipment with agreed quantity.
    23. 23. CONTAINER SEAL:
    24. 24. Current - Major Foreign Clients: CLIENT COUNTRY •National Prawn Company Kingdom of Saudi Arabia •Fay man International Australia •Itochu Corporation Japan •Mitani Sangyo ltd Japan •Chicken of the sea frozen foods USA •Rema Foods US •Milae Resources Korea •Cargill Vietnam Ltd Vietnam