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Industrial relation for IT & ITES industry

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  • It is concerned with the relationships whicharise at and out of the workplace (ie, relationships between individual workers, the relationshipsbetween them and their employer, the relationships employers and workers have with theorganizations formed to promote and defend their respective interests, and the relations betweenthose organizations, at all levels). Industrial relations also includes the processes through which theserelationships are expressed (such as, collective bargaining; worker involvement in decision-making;and grievance and dispute settlement), and the management of conflict between employers, workersand trade unions, when it arises.
  • The collective bargaining process comprises of five core steps:Prepare: This phase involves composition of a negotiation team. The negotiation team should consist of representatives of both the parties with adequate knowledge and skills for negotiation. In this phase both the employer’s representatives and the union examine their own situation in order to develop the issues that they believe will be most important. The first thing to be done is to determine whether there is actually any reason to negotiate at all. A correct understanding of the main issues to be covered and intimate knowledge of operations, working conditions, production norms and other relevant conditions is required.Discuss: Here, the parties decide the ground rules that will guide the negotiations. A process well begun is half done and this is no less true in case of collective bargaining. An environment of mutual trust and understanding is also created so that the collective bargaining agreement would be reached.Propose: This phase involves the initial opening statements and the possible options that exist to resolve them. In a word, this phase could be described as ‘brainstorming’. The exchange of messages takes place and opinion of both the parties is sought.Bargain: negotiations are easy if a problem solving attitude is adopted. This stage comprises the time when ‘what ifs’ and ‘supposals’ are set forth and the drafting of agreements take place.Settlement: Once the parties are through with the bargaining process, a consensual agreement is reached upon wherein both the parties agree to a common decision regarding the problem or the issue. This stage is described as consisting of effective joint implementation of the agreement through shared visions, strategic planning and negotiated change.
  • the markets, distribution of power in society and technologyEnvironmental or external economic, technological, political, legal and social forces that impact employment relationships.
  • Ir for it&ites

    1. 1. IR Model For IT & ITES Presented By Sneha Chavan Priyanka Sawant
    2. 2. What is Industrial Relation?
    3. 3. Meaning… The relationships that exist within the industry between the employer and his workmen. The term industrial relations explains the relationship between employees and management which stem directly or indirectly from union-employer relationship.
    4. 4.  IR is essentially collectivist and pluralist in outlook Dimension of IR  Relationship  Processes  Management of Conflict
    5. 5. Which IR Models are followed in INDIA?
    6. 6. Collective Bargaining
    7. 7. Collective Bargaining The collective bargaining process comprises of five core steps  Prepare  Discuss  Propose  Bargain  Settlement
    8. 8. IT & ITES
    9. 9. Determinants of IR in IT & ITES Tertiary sector Flat Organization Structure No labour or Workman Designation termed to be executive Direct communication of Management to Employee
    10. 10. Determinants of IR in IT & ITES In IT & ITES Individualism is seen predominantly IT has taken semi skilled & Skilled Employees Pay structure has shifted from Time based to performance based
    11. 11. Determinants of IR in IT & ITES Impact of Globalization Huge Employment include- Mainly Young Generation Lack of Interest of Young employee & Female employee in Trade Unions
    12. 12. Dunlops Model For IT & ITES
    13. 13.  Dunlops Model consists of three agents  management organizations  workers  government agencies industrial relations is a social sub system subject to environmental constraints Factors affecting Employment Relation The Dunlop’s model gives great significance to external or environmental forces
    14. 14.  Interaction is done between Labour, Management, Government Rules that are derived from these interactions that govern the employment relationship. In effect - Industrial relations is the system which produces the rules of the workplace