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Mooring Line Integrity Monitoring Solutions Overview


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Mooring line integrity is a real issue, with over 50 mooring line failures over the last 20 years with some resulting in huge remediation costs to Oil & Gas Operators. Proactively monitoring the integrity of mooring lines is critical. Pulse Structural Monitoring are leaders in offshore structural monitoring especially with regard to mooring integrity monitoring in which they have completed many successful deployments of mooring line inclination monitoring systems, as well as direct line tension in chain stoppers using low profile load cells. Subsea equipment can be installed by divers or using ROV as required. This presentation highlights the issue and some of the available technologies for monitoring mooring lines.

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Mooring Line Integrity Monitoring Solutions Overview

  1. 1. Mooring Line Integrity Monitoring
  2. 2. Mooring Line Failures Ref: Underlying causes of Mooring line Failures 24th March 2015 • 107 mooring incidents from 73 facilities across the industry (1997-2012) • 51 single line failures – 9 multiple line failures • 38 pre-emptive replacement events – 9 reports of severe degradation • 150 lines replaced/repaired 2001-2011 (Ref: OTC 24181)
  3. 3. Failures rate per line per year of exposure (1997 – 2014) Mooring Line Failures • Long term Mooring system design life: 15-25yrs • 1:50 chance of a failure per asset per year • Considering 25 years of design life: chance of 50% failure during the lifetime of a mooring line Ref: Underlying causes of Mooring line Failures 24th March 2015 50% chance of failure of a mooring line
  4. 4. T H R E A T S T H R E A T S C O N S E Q U E N C E S C O N S E Q U E N C E S INCIDENTINCIDENT Enhancing operational safety Safety Barrier Principle Fatigue Corrosion Overload Multiple line failure Loss of production early detection of single line failure Monitoring fatigue accumulation N-1 design Environmental damage Monitoring tension & fatigue Extreme tensions and cumulative fatigue issue Detection of single mooring line failure Preventative action to prevent multiple line failure Detection of large tension events
  5. 5. Pulse Mooring Monitoring Solutions Topside tension (Load cells) In-line tension (Inter-M Pulse) Mooring line inclination Excursion monitoring
  6. 6. Main mooring monitoring technologies - comparison How to Monitor? Parameter Inclination In-line Tension Load Cells Data Communication Acoustic Acoustic Hardwired Data Availability On Demand On Demand Continuous Direct Tension    Battery Life Dependent on operating mode Dependent on operating mode Unlimited Reliability High High Low Serviceable    Retrofittable   
  7. 7. Improving reliability Mooring Integrity Monitoring • Assist with development of specification • Early involvement with project • System redundancy • Serviceable systems DesignInstallation • Robust installation procedure • Use experience and best practice • Cable management • Smart integration Operation • Ongoing maintenance & service plan • Data analysis and reporting • Not “fit and forget”
  8. 8. 8 Questions on How to specify a mooring line monitoring system ? Contact Us