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Big Ideas Competition booklet


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The 2016 Big Ideas Competition for Sustainable Cities and Urban Communities is live!

The competition is looking for data-driven solutions to advance the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) with a particular focus on SDG 11: make cities and human settlements inclusive, safe, resilient and sustainable.

This booklet contains more information for applicants.

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Big Ideas Competition booklet

  1. 1. BIG IDEASCOMPETITION FOR SUSTAINABLE CITIES AND URBAN COMMUNITIES ASEAN COUNTRIES: Brunei Darussalam, Cambodia, Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia, Myanmar, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam + REPUBLIC OF KOREA #ideas4cities
  2. 2. We invite everyone who lives in the ten ASEAN countries as well as Republic of Korea to submit new ideas to build sustainable citites & communities through data innovation.
  3. 3. How can data innovation advance the sustainability of cities & urban communities What innovative solutions can you create for SCHEDULE 1 2 1ST EVALUATION JUNE 6TH 2016 SUBMISSION OF VIDEO PRESENTATION JUNE 18TH 2016 2ND EVALUATION JUNE 20TH 2016 WINNER ANNOUNCED JUNE 27TH 2016 CALL FOR PROPOSALS MAY 2ND 2016 DEADLINE FOR SUBMISSIONS JUNE 3RD 2016 sustainable transport & energy resilience to natural disasters & climate change harmonious urban environments QUESTION TO ANSWER basic service delivery
  4. 4. New, not already published Using more than one source of data, such as big data, open data & citizen-generated data Realistic, implementable and cost efficient Clearly explain the details of implementation BUILDING BLOCKS OF AN APPLICATION (a prize of USD 6,000) (each winner will receive a prize of USD 2,500 each) (a prize of USD 2,000 each) 1 GRAND PRIX WINNER 3 EXCELLENCE WINNERS 11 COUNTRY WINNERS THE WINNERS’ CIRCLE
  5. 5. THE ISSUE TACKLED 1 2 3 THE IDEA SUBMITTED PROPOSALS WILL EARN MORE POINTS IN EVALUATION IF THEY INCLUDE INFORMATION ON A PROTOTYPE THAT CAN BE FURTHER REFINED AND DEVELOPED. Clarity: a well defined issue; Priority: the issue is closely related to advancing SDG 11. Originality: the idea is unique or more efficient that other approaches available; Community: the idea uses existing networks or engages and empowers citizens to act on the data for locally driven solutions; Sustainability: the idea is easy to implement, cost effective and the data used is reliable and available; HOW WE EVALUATE THE PROPOSALS The first evaluation will be based on the proposal submitted. Two short-listed proposals from each country will be selected to enter the second evaluation. For the second evaluation, the committee, which will include representatives from the Ministry of Science, ICT and Future Planning of the Republic of Korea, UNDP Asia and the Pacific and Pulse Lab Jakarta, will identify the top proposals overall. The second evaluation will be based on a presentation video by the shortlisted teams. After the presentation video, each team will be involved in an online Q & A session in English with the committee to identify the winners.
  6. 6. PROPOSAL TEMPLATE Send your ideas and all questions to More information Download the proposal template here: Frequently asked questions 1 Proposal Big Ideas Competition for Sustainable Cities and Communities Title Data Public Data How to acquire Crowdsourced Data How to acquire Big Data How to acquire Applicant(s) Name Email & Mobile Name Email & Mobile Name Email & Mobile The problems we’re solving Why the problems exist (background) • (Please explain ‘Background’ in a list of summaries) • • • Proposed approach • (Please explain‘Proposed approach’ in a list of summaries.) • (Please briefly and clearly explain data for solving the problem, required technology, expected outcome, etc.) • (Please present the limitation and constraints of the proposal approach, if applicable.) • (Please explain how you will include existing networks or citizens to act on the data for locally driven solutions, if applicable.) • (Please provided a projected cost for developing a prototype.) • (Please explain your learning from a prototype that you have developed, if applicable.) • (Please provide an attachment, if additional explanation is needed.) Explain the differences with other existing approaches, if available • (Please explain the differences) • (Please explain what is innovative) CONTACT US Please submit your proposals with the subject line of the email displayed in the following format: [Country name] Title of the proposal