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Pulse for executives_and_building_owners


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Pulse for executives_and_building_owners

  1. 1. energy management software Pulse for Executives and Building Owners Executives and building owners are striving to achieve higher levels of energy productivity and need tools to accurately track the ROI of their energy investments. Pulse™ gives you the tools to measure your building’s cost savings and emissions reductions associated with energy efficiency. Increased Productivity. Lower Costs. Tools for Executives Executives and building owners can leverage Pulse Pulse reporting tools enable software to: financial and environmental reporting on company or building Reduce energy costs energy conservation initiatives. • Average cost and energy savings of 5-25% • Immediate and measurable energy savings with little or no capital expenditure • Portfolio-wide energy savings by seamlessly scaling Pulse software across multiple facilities Increase productivity • Productivity improvements for operations staff through centralized system monitoring and real-time alerts Track energy performance for buildings and portfolios • Accurate ROI tracking of energy efficiency investments with quick, easy, and flexible reporting - including automated Reports include graphs, charts, and reports to utilities tables displayed in an easy-to-use • Automated greenhouse gas emissions reporting based on and printer-friendly format. actual building performance Engage staff and the public in energy-saving activities • Maximize public relations value of your sustainability initiatives by displaying the dashboard publicly • Showcase real-time energy consumption to building occupants through a touchscreen dashboard or web kiosk • Use the dashboard to educate building occupants about energy conservation and empower them to change their energy-use behaviour Want to learn more? Pulse Energy Inc. E-mail us at 576 Seymour Street t: + 1 778 331 0500 to request more information or Suite 600, Vancouver, BC f: + 1 778 331 0501 schedule a demo Canada V6B 3K1