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Sports quiz- by Pulkit Rohilla


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Pulkit Rohilla
B.Tech Final yr
NIT Jalandhar

Published in: Sports
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Sports quiz- by Pulkit Rohilla

  2. 2. PRELIMS
  3. 3. Q.1) Sometime last week FIFA officially authorized something that was on a trial basis since 2012, bringing to an end a long standing issue that was particularly detrimental to people of a certain region. Though this will have a bigger impact on the women’s game it will also extend to men following a request from certain Canadians. What?
  4. 4. Q.2) This is a term that is used to describe a match in a series where the series result has already been decided by earlier matches. Wide usage of this term can be found in Davis and Fed cup matches while it is also common in cricket and hockey. Which term?
  5. 5. Q.3)* Identify these players
  6. 6. Q.4)* X is the youngest ever quadruple champion in the history of Formula one racing. Identify X and write the years in which he has won the championship.
  7. 7. Q.5) X is a sport that was played in the Summer Olympics only once in 1900 and never again. 4 countries England, France, Belgium and Netherlands were originally scheduled to participate but only two ended up playing. Also the sport was played in a stadium near Paris, France. Identify X.
  8. 8. Q.6) This sporting event is held in 3 cities in India. The first edition took place in 2012 in Mumbai, Srinagar and Delhi, while in 2013 it took place in Mumbai, Jaipur and Delhi. The year 2013 marks the debut of John Abraham as the brand ambassador. It is in affiliation with the world governing body of sport and is sponsored by Godrej Eon. The categories of event are Full, Half, Green, Champions and International. This event is a spin off a more famous event. Which event?
  9. 9. Q.7) If the husband represented India in Olympics in hockey and the son represented India in Olympics in tennis, then in which sport the wife represented India in Olympics?
  10. 10. Q.8) Vishal Ladwa is a 23 year old Indian origin player at Manchester University. Though the sport is not very popular in England, he managed to form a team at whatever institute he went to. Thus making the sport quite popular in English Universities. Due to his passionate approach to the sport, he is called “David Beckham of X”. To cap it all he has now been named as English X team captain. Name the sport X.
  11. 11. Q.9) One of the greatest players of all times, X. We all know him for his contribution for cricket, but interestingly he also played football world cup. Can you name X?
  12. 12. Q.10)Michael Phelps, who won the highest number of gold medals in Olympic games of 2008, broke the record of …………..
  13. 13. Q.11) Identify the kick.
  14. 14. Q.12) Connect them • Otman Bakkal – PSV • Branislov Ivanovic – Chelsea • Giorgio Chiellini - Italy
  15. 15. Q.13) Identify the missing player • 2000 – Pete Sampras • 2001 – Goran Ivanisevic • 2002 - ? • 2003-2007 – Roger Federer • 2008 – Rafael Nadal • 2009 - Roger Federer • 2010 - Rafael Nadal
  16. 16. Q.14) To mark the release of The Dark Knight, the X team raced with Batman inspired colors over the 2008 British Grand Prix weekend. The F1 car completed a lap of the track alongside the Batmobile before stopping on the pit straight as the drivers posed for pictures with the car and the “Bat pod”, Batman’s two wheeled machine. Id X, which, despite being a well funded team, could never achieve consistently strong results in F1.
  17. 17. Q.15)* Id the two players shown below
  18. 18. ANSWERS 1. FIFA allows wearing of head covers for religious reasons 2. Dead Rubber 3. Oliver Giroud and Magnus Carlsen 4. Sebastian Vettel, 2010, 11, 12, 13 5. Cricket 6. Tour de India 7. Jennifer Paes- mother- Basketball Leander Paes- son- tennis Vece Paes – father- hockey 8. Kabaddi 9. Vivian Richards 10. Mark Spitz 11.Bicycle kick 12.All the three opponents whom Luis Suarez has bitten. 13.Lleyton Hewitt 14. Toyota Racing 15.Maria Sharapova and Eugenie Bouchard