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Mains 2- by Pulkit Rohilla


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Pulkit Rohilla
NIT Jalandhar

Published in: Sports
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Mains 2- by Pulkit Rohilla

  1. 1. MAINS
  2. 2. ROUND 1 • Consists of 12 questions. • Pounce : +25/-5 • Pass : +15/0 (Clockwise order)
  3. 3. Q.1 ) Put Funda • Julie in 2008 • Kate and Kate’s Dirty sister in2009 • Luscious Liz and Randy Mandy in 2010 • Kinky Kylie in 2011 • Abbey in 2012 • Hungry Heidi in 2013 • Suzie in 2014
  4. 4. Names of Sebastian Vettel’s Cars over the years.
  5. 5. Q.2) Connect the two footballers
  6. 6. Only players to win UEFA Champions League with three different clubs. • Clarence Seedorf (AFC Ajax 1994/95, Real Madrid CF 1997/98, AC Milan 2002/03, 2006/07) • Samuel Eto'o (FC Barcelona 2005/06, 2008/09, FC Inter Milan 2009/10)
  7. 7. Q.3) Connect
  8. 8. Players to receive the knighthood - SIR • Sir Ian Botham • Sir Donald Bradman • Sir Richard Headily • Sir Vivian Richards
  9. 9. Q.4) During the FIFA World cup qualifiers of 2010, one of the managers called in for a squad of 78. This raised a big hue in media. Can you name the manager and to the country which he belong?
  10. 10. Diego Maradona, Argentina
  11. 11. Q. 5) X recently became the first cricketer to play 100 games in ODIs yet not a single one at home . Ever since making his debut vs Sri Lanka in 2009, He has played every where but his own country. As of now he has played 16 Test, 102 ODIs and 59 T20s , which means 177 International matches yet 0 at home. Id X
  12. 12. Umar Akmal
  13. 13. Q.6) In the World cup 2010 controversies, one of them was the “Hand of Henry” affair. X handled the ball to William Gallas during the match which was converted to goal that caused their opponent “Y” to be eliminated. Later he admitted the fact that he had handled the ball during the press conference. Y appealed the world cup federation but nothing happened. Can you point out X and Y?
  14. 14. X – Thierry Henry Y - Ireland
  15. 15. Q.7) Out of all the ICC recognized official test matches played till date, there have been 11 teams to have played test cricket. According to official records, which team, having played its first test match on 14th October 2005, has the worst win percentage.
  16. 16. ICC World 11 They played only 1 test match against Australia at Sydney and lost by 210 runs.
  17. 17. Q.8)
  18. 18. They are cricketers in Parliament.
  19. 19. Q.9) X’s father worked for Kissan, which gave him his later nickname Y. X also appeared in a commercial for Kissan, with him being referred to as Y in the ad itself. Not only that, there is also a local school tournament named after X. The Y cup is held in Bangalore and man of the match gets the title of ‘Y of the day’. Give X and Y.
  20. 20. X – Rahul Dravid Y – Jammy
  21. 21. Q.10) Gunter Parche is not a sportsperson. But he became very famous in 1993. What did he do?
  22. 22. Stabbed Monica Seles
  23. 23. Q.11) This wax statue of Sachin Tendulkar in Sydney, Australia has something peculiar. What is that?
  24. 24. Sachin is shown wearing a T-20 world cup jersey whereas he never played in T-20 World Cup.
  25. 25. Q.12) CONNECT
  26. 26. They won UEFA champions league both as player and as manager.