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Creative strategy


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Creative strategy

  1. 1. CreativeStrategy: Planning and Development Chapter 8: Summary InnovatorsAbhijeet |Debasish |Phungshok |Pujarini| Shashank | Sourojit
  2. 2. ADVERTISING CREATIVITY• Advertising Creativity: The ability to generate fresh, unique and appropriate ideas that can be used as solutions to communication problems.Two perspectives on advertising creativity Suits Poets Its not creative unless it sells´ Creative/Originality
  3. 3. Creativity in Advertising• Creative advertising ideas are those that are novel, original and appropriate.• To be appropriate a creative idea must be relevant or have some importance to the target audience.• The research, creative briefs, strategy statements, communication objectives and other inputs must be transformed into an advertising message.• Copy, Layouts and illustrations, commercials that communicate effectively.
  4. 4. Youngs Creative Process• Immersion : Getting raw material or data, immersing ones self in the problem to get background.• Digestion: Ruminating on the data acquired, turning it this way and that in the mind.• Incubation: Ceasing analysis and putting the problem out of conscious mind for a time.• Illumination: Often a sudden inspiration or intuitive revelation about a potential solution.• Verification: Studying the idea, evaluating it, and developing it for practical usefulness.
  5. 5. Wallass Creative Process• Preparation – Gathering information• Incubation – Setting problem aside• Illumination – Seeing the solution• Verification – Refining the idea
  6. 6. Inputs To The Creative Process• General Preplanning Input: – Books, periodicals, trade publications, clipping services, journals, magazines, etc. – Trends, developments in marketplace• Product Specific Preplanning Input – Qualitative and quantitative studies – Problem detection studies – Focus groups – Ethnographic studies
  7. 7. Inputs to Creative Process
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