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Presenting a professional image, both in person and on the telephone, is very important in the Office Skills profession. Taking care of your customers over the telephone and making them feel well informed and appreciated is essential. Whether you are the front office receptionist or an executive secretary, the followingphone tips should always be followed.

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Telephoneetiquettesx 110223202524-phpapp01

  2. 2. WHAT IS TELEPHONE ETIQUETTE The essence of dealing with People, politely and efficiently over the phone can be boiled down to TELEPHONE ETIQUETTE
  3. 3. Why Telephones Most important tools in communication process is carrying out all sorts of conversation for the desired results Organizations spend plenty of time & money on their employees to excel in communication Most important for an organization to have well mannered employees with Telephone Etiquette who can fulfill the need for a work place, with grace.
  4. 4. Business Telephone Etiquettes There is a surprising lack of knowledge among people about proper business telephone etiquettes. Following are a certain set of phone ethics will definitely lead to favorable outcomes for the entire business. Read on to learn about it.
  5. 5. Inculcate it…… It is imperative to know all the rules while talking on a phone for business purposes. Business telephone etiquettes should be taught to all members of the organization, for marinating cordial relations.
  6. 6. Telephone Etiquette Tips- Tip 1 Answer calls promptly within 3 rings. When you pick a phone, or even while calling, greet the person depending on the time of the day & introduce yourself and give the name of your organization Use short phrases and simple words while talking on the phone There should be screening of calls by possibly the receptionist before forwarding it to the concerned person.
  7. 7. Telephone Etiquette Tip 2 Ask the caller, "To whom am I speaking?“ Avoid unnecessary jargon in your conversations. Use the caller’s name in your conversation. Practice good listening skills. Make sure you have a pleasant speaking skill. Before placing a caller on hold, ask their permission first and thank them It is better to return a call than to keep someone on hold too long.
  8. 8. Telephone Etiquette Tip 3 Do not forget to return the call if promised. Do not permit the phone to ring into the office more than three times. Answer calls by the second or third ring. Never interrupt the person while he/she is talking to you, as far as possible. Never engage in an argument with the caller. Do not handle an unhappy callers or personal calls at work place openly.
  9. 9. Telephone Etiquette Tip 4 Do not give the impression that you are rushed. Give the person the time. Learn to handle several calls at one go with ease and grace Always get the best number (and an alternate) Do not ever leave a message with someone else. Be responsible to convey the message yourself. Be enthusiastic and respectful.
  10. 10. Telephone Etiquette Tip 5 Do not answer the phone if you are eating Turn away from your computer, and other works, to avoid distractions.Pay attention to the caller. Always have something available to write on / with Speak clearly and slowly during business call. You should not mumble or have slurred speech Thank the caller for calling .
  11. 11. THUS……………… Etiquette is demanded by both the caller and receiver Speak clearly and slowly when taking a business call.Keep phone calls brief and friendly These are simple ,effective but inexpensive methods to enhance the image of your organization.
  12. 12. ALWAYS SMILE …
  13. 13. BUT NOT WHEN ……the person onthe other end is furious, for whateverreason
  14. 14. Tone v/s words.. Tone of Voice 86% 14% Words
  15. 15. Evaluate your voiceYour voice makes an immediate impression that can portray you as : Friendly or distant Confident or timid Spontaneous or mechanical Relaxed or nervous
  16. 16. ‘Your voice is your personality over the Telephone’