Rosa Parks by Cambria


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Rosa Parks by Cambria

  1. 1. Rosa Parks By Cambria McNulla
  2. 2. Rosa Parks • Rosa Parks was a civil rights activist who worked hard to end segregation. She stood up for civil rights. (
  3. 3. Childhood • Birth date: February 4, 1913. • Place of birth: Tuskegee, Alabama. • Rosa was the oldest of two children. She grew up with her mom, brother, and grandmother on her farm. In the mid 1950's she got married to her husband Raymond Parks. He worked as a barber, but he also was a civil rights activist. (
  4. 4. Education • Rosa Parks attended the Industrial School for Girls when she was young girl. She had to quit school because her parents divorced. After she got married, she went to Alabama State Teachers College for Negroes to finish her education.(
  5. 5. Why she is a hero • December 1, 1955 she stood up for civil rights by not giving up her seat to the white man. She was arrested and sent to prison. This was not the first time this had happened to someone, but Rosa Parks was the one who sparked the Montgomery bus boycott that help the fight to end segregation.(The Montgomery Bus boycott )
  6. 6. The Bus Boycott • E. D. Nixon took advantage of the anger that the blacks had to the Montgomery buses. He started the Montgomery Bus Boycott on December 5,1955. The bus boycott was only supposed to be a one day thing, but because of how good the boycott was they continued it. Most of the blacks did not ride the Montgomery busses and the bus company lost money and had to raise the bus fair.The boycott lasted until November 13, 1956. (The Montgomery Bus boycott)
  7. 7. Impact On Society • Rosa Parks worked hard to end segregation on busses. She also worked hard on giving blacks equal rights. Rosa Parks has received many awards for her work.(
  8. 8. Timeline December 1,1955 1956 Rosa parks The bus gets boycott arrested and ends and the blacks can Montgomery ride in the bus boycott front of the starts. busses. 1987 Rosa parks founded the rosa and Raymond parks institute for self development. 1996 President Bill Clinton awarded her the Presidential Medal of Freedom. 2005 Rosa parks died from natural causes on October 24. 2005
  9. 9. Why I Choose Rosa Parks • I choose Rosa Parks because she had a huge impact on civil rights. Rosa Parks was an AfricanAmerican who broke the law to stand up for what's right even if it meant going to jail. She knew what was right and she worked hard to get equal rights. I hope I can be like her because she knew what was right and worked hard to achieve her goals. (The Montgomery Bus Boycott )
  10. 10. Bibliography • • newsmakers2/2007-Li-Pr/Parks-Rosa.html • rosaparks.html • Cornerstones of Freedom The Story of The Montgomery Bus Boycott. R. Conrad stein