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Thurgood Marshall by Grace


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Published in: Education
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Thurgood Marshall by Grace

  1. 1. Thurgood Marshall By: Grace McIntosh
  2. 2. Thurgood Marshall • Thurgood Marshall was the first African American person in the Supreme Court. He had two kids and he lived in Baltimore, Maryland.
  3. 3. Born • Thurgood was born in Baltimore, Maryland on July 2, 1908. (Fact Monster)
  4. 4. Where he lived and went to school. • Thurgood was born and raised in Baltimore, Maryland. He lived there almost his whole life. He went to high school at Frederick Douglass High School, Baltimore, Maryland. He went to college at Lincoln University, Pennsylvania. He went to Law School at Howard University.
  5. 5. Family • He had two parents, the fathers name was William Marshall, and his mothers name was Norma, his brothers name was William Aubrey Marshall. His first wife's name was Vivien Burey and he was married to her from 1930-1955. His seconds wife's name was Cecilia A. Suyat and they had two children together. They were married from 1955-1993. He had two sons, Thurgood Marshall Jr. and John Marshall.
  6. 6. Childhood • His father was the grandson of a slave and he worked at an exclusive club. While his mother, Norma, was a kindergarten teacher. One of his favorite past times was to listen to cases at the local court house. People wonder how he became interested in law, and as he recalls him and his dad and brother always argued at the dinner table. They argued 5 out 7 nights at dinner. (
  7. 7. Why did I choose him? • Thurgood Marshall wasn't only another man in the suprme court justice. This man didn't care about another mans skin color or anything of that sort, he just wanted what was right. Which was to end segregation. (
  8. 8. Their influence and what I can do. • Thurgood Marshall influenced me to never give up on my dreams. He didn't. He would fight for what he wanted and after that segregation was no longer legal. • Segregation is wrong and I would like to stop that. Some people still do it today and I would tell them that it's wrong and against the law. I would also try to make the right things happen. Which is what he did while he was in the Supreme Court. •
  9. 9. Timeline • July 2, 1908 Thurgood Marshall is born. Thurgood Marshall was born in Maryland. His dad worked at a club while him mother was a teacher. • 1920 Thurgood's home life. Thurgood remembered that when he was young, he and his father would debate local court cases at dinner. This prepared him for his goals in life. • 1930 Thurgood graduates from college. Thurgood graduated magna cum laude from Lincoln University. • 1934 Thurgood graduates from law school. After college, Thurgood attended law school at Howard University. When he graduated he began practicing law in Maryland and working with the NAACP. • 1943 The integration of the schools. Thurgood worked to get the schools in New York integrated so that African Americans and whites could go to the same schools. • 1946 Thurgood is awarded a medal. The NAACP awarded Thurgood with the Spingarn Award for his service. • 1951 A trip to Korea to examine the troops. Thurgood was sent to Korea to inspect the US troops there. He was to determine whether or not there was racism being practiced in the military. • 1954 He makes segregation illegal in the US • 1956 The end of the Birmingham bus boycott. Thurgood helped end the famous bus boycot • 1957 Thurgood opens his own law firm. Thurgood opened his own non-profit law firm to try NAACP cases. It was separate from the NAACP. • 1961 An appointment to the Second Circuit Court of Appeals. Thurgood was appointed to the circuit court by President John F. Kennedy after the president was impressed with Thurgood's work. • 1967 He becomes a supreme court justice. After working as the US Solicitor General, Thurgood became a Supreme Court Justice. • 1991 He retires from the Supreme Court. After 24 years of service, Thurgood retired from the Supreme Court. • 1992 Thurgood is awarded again. Thurgood was awarded the Liberty Medal to thank him for his many years of protecting people's • 1993 Thurgood Marshall dies. Thurgood died at the age of 84 in Maryland. He worked tirelessly for the rights of all Americans, and he will always be remembered for his diligence in human rights. •
  10. 10. Impact on society • Marshall impacted all of the African Americans lives by making segregation illegal. He was the first African American to be in court and that was actually fair. (Fact Monster)
  11. 11. Events to becoming a hero • Throughout his life he knew that segregation was wrong. He would debate about things that would happen in court with his dad and brother at dinner when he was young. He had always wanted to have to do with law, but since he was black he couldn't do that. So he decided to fight against segregation. Now he is known for being the first African American person to go into court. (Fact monster)
  12. 12. Conclusion • I believe that Thurgood Marshall was a very inspiring man. He fought for what was right and I think that we all should do that.
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