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42 Jackie Robinson Andrew V.


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Hero Project

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42 Jackie Robinson Andrew V.

  1. 1. Jackie robinson 42 By Andrew Vancini Jackie Robinson was an amazing athlete, and changed history for the better. He was born in 1919 in Pasadena, California. But died in 1972 from Cancer. He was the first african american to play in the MLB for the Brooklyn Dodgers, who are now the Las Angles Dodgers. He was yelled at and many people were very mean to him. He is a hero to Americas national past time. Many players wanted him out because people still hated Black Americans. He led the MLB in hit by a pitch, because every pitcher tried to hit him. But he never fought back or hurt anyone. Sources: And the Movie 42. Branch Rickey wanted to change baseball and he knew it would go crazy. He was going to bring an African American into pro ball. He knew Jackie would not be able to fight back. He just needed to know who, but he found a player, Jackie Robinson. Jackie had served in World War ll and left a lieutenant in 1945. He also played football for the Los Angles Bull Dogs of the the Pacific Coast League. He played for the Kansas City Monarchs in the Black American League. But he was drafted to play in the MLB, but first came minors. Sources: The movie 42,, and,
  2. 2. Jackie needed to spend time in the minors before he could become pro. He played for the Montreal Royals which were Brooklyn's minor team. A lot of players on the Dodgers were trying to keep him from coming up ever. He did play on Brooklyn but it took time. He wanted to play short stop but the Dodger's short stop was the star player. But first base was up for grabs and he took. He needed to train to play it but he did play 1st. But in the south they did not let him play which they could. So he would get thrown out of games for nothing because he was black. But in 1947 he stepped on the field as the new 1st basemen for to Brooklyn Dodgers. Sources: The movie 42. Jackie was walking into the club house and he saw his number, 42. He knew many people would hate him. He was still ok at first but not his best. The player on the other team hit the ball it was going at Pewee the short stop, Jackie's favorite position. He threw it at Jackie and the runner was out by a mile, but the ump called him safe. Jackie knew this was what would happen but he was mad. Rickey needed Jackie to stay strong and he did. Sources: The movie 42.
  3. 3. Jackie was getting good and he had hit many homers, but they played the Philadelphia Phillies. Jackie went through a lot of pain that game but he made it. The coach of the Phillies was mean to Jackie. He was being stupid and did not get in trouble. But the catcher for Jackie's team stood up to him and he was his x-teammate. That was the first time anyone stoop up for Jackie. He almost broke during it because he could not fight him back but he was strong. Sources: The movie 42 Jackie did make it to the World Series, and won. He did many great things in this world. He hit .342 (it means he hit 3 out of every 10 pitches threw over the plate.) He influenced many people to do good things. He helped to get rid of segregation in baseball. He took being insulted and in pain and did not fight back. It was Branch Rickey that brought a black person in the league, but it was Jackie that went through it. He was a amazing ball player and a good person. He was even threaten to death of him, his wife, and his baby boy. He is one of my heroes because he made baseball a better sport ,which I play. He died in 1972 but changed the world. He was number 42. Sources: Factmonster, The movie 42
  4. 4. Research sites full: 42 the movie, directed by Brian Helgeland, paid for by Warner Brothers.