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  1. 1. Marketing Communications Landscape November, 2012
  2. 2. Marketing communications process No change in 100 years Research Audience - Message Measure Results Define Message Data collection and A consistent platform interpretation plus segmented messages Deliver Message Choosing the right channels
  3. 3. What has changed? Outbound Inbound Marketing Marketing Announce to Get found by customers customers Content, content, content….
  4. 4. Channels are more complicated….driving web traffic is the key goal of PR Direct visitors Other sources Web site Search B2B media: engines Database online & print Direct marketing Individual Forums blogs
  5. 5. Where to electronics engineers go first for information? “How-to” New New product design technologies information information Industry news Industry/trade magazines - digital 21 16 8 31 Industry/trade magazines - print 17 15 8 24 Search engines – general 12 11 16 9 Conferences – in person 9 11 5 4 Face-to-face meetings with suppliers 8 11 6 2 Industry/trade websites 7 5 6 9 Vendor websites 6 11 15 2 Distributor websites 5 9 5 4 Search engines – industry-specific 5 4 5 4 Your peers 3 2 13 3 Conferences – virtual 3 2 3 3 Webcasts 2 1 5 1 Social media 2 1 1 2 Videos 1 0 4 1 * Source: Hearst Design Engineer and Supplier Interface Study 2012
  6. 6. Blogs and Twitter• Around 50 independent blogs for B2B electronics• Most linked to print/online media• Twitter followers typically just a few percent of publication circulation or web site visitors• Regional/cultural differences: – EETimes has 6022 followers – Electronics Weekly has 9937 followers – has 1045 followers
  7. 7. Some top web sites for electronics engineers * Source: (August 29, 2012) Site Reach Unique visitors/month Global 510,000 Global 220,000 Global 100,000 UK 91,000 Germany 52,000 Global 1.6 million (Element14: 620,000) Global 2.1 million (DesignSpark: 110,000) Global 1.1 million
  8. 8. Challenges for marketing communicators• Rising importance of SEO – The battle for Page rank• Decline of traditional print media – Falling circulations – Declining database quality• Fragmentation of media channels The quantity of – More channels communications – Smaller audiences per channel• Understanding social media is growing. – Where is it useful? – How to measure ROI• Lack of regional control The quality is declining. – Online means global• Developing strategies for best ROI
  9. 9. PR and digital marketing: message delivery strategy• Structured, planned, multimedia, multi-lingual campaigns• Research to determine keywords, messaging and channels• Create compelling, multimedia content• Optimise website for SEO• Focus on key media• Optimise PR for SEO• Optimise all graphics and video file names for SEO• Extract maximum value from every piece of communications material• Allocate appropriate resources to social media• Measure, test, adapt
  10. 10. ROI analysis based on conversion rates Message exposure Traditional and social media Page impressions Web registrations Time spent on site Sales leads Orders Volume & value
  11. 11. Publitek Overview November, 2012
  12. 12. What we do
  13. 13. Why we’re different Technical Global Connected
  14. 14. A different business model Clients In-house investment in key skills High level added value Account Directors 65% engineers & scientists Non-core skills outsourced to a global team of over 80 freelancers Writers, translators, photographers, designers
  15. 15. Tekbase: key proprietary planning tool A detailed, personalised media An instantly accessible editorial contacts database features database
  16. 16. A few of our clients
  17. 17. Publitek News – the electronics media industry’s blog and e-newsletter
  18. 18. Research into information sources used by engineers• Based on Hearst US model• Database provided by Electronic Specifier• Execution and analysis by Publitek• Most comprehensive, independent study in several years• Survey in 4 languages• Clear insights into how engineers use media channels
  19. 19. Europe’s largest European electronics editors event: near Munich• Held in mid-September• 41 editors from across Europe attended in 2012 (up from 34 in 2010; 28 in 2008)• Formal presentations• One-on-one meetings• Informal networking• Maximises media coverage in advance of Electronica and during the show
  20. 20. Why Publitek? flexibility effectiveness value for money experience
  21. 21. Contact details Publitek Limited 18 Brock Street Bath BA1 2LW, UK Telephone +44 (0)1225 470000 Contact Bob Jones, Director
  22. 22. Why blog?
  23. 23. Blogs drive search engine rank Outbound Inbound Marketing Marketing Announce to Get found by customers customers Content, content, content….
  24. 24. What can blogging deliver?• A platform for dynamic delivery of keyword-rich content• A significant contributor to SEO• An opportunity to create dialogue• An opportunity to demonstrate expertise• An opportunity for greater channel engagement• A source of content for other social media channels (automated)• Content for e-newsletter
  25. 25. Why blogs sometimes fail• Lack of purpose• Lack of process• Lack of content• Lack of value
  26. 26. Process• Keyword analysis• Develop messaging crib sheet• Set up Wordpress (or Blogger) blog linked to main web site with automatic feeds to social media channels• Recruit bloggers• Create moderated content with links back into site• Promote through e-marketing, PR and e-mail signatures• Evaluate and adapt
  27. 27. Operation Sources Bloggers Web alerts In-house Blog Publitek team Forums Blog Press Journalists releases Events Distributors news
  28. 28. Evaluation• SEO rank against key terms• Google Analytics (customised)• Engagement