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DITA World Word to FrameMaker to DITA to AEM


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How to, step-by-step, and how-to on converting content from Word to FrameMaker to DITA and then on to Adobe Experience Manager. Webinar link coming at

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DITA World Word to FrameMaker to DITA to AEM

  1. 1. Migrating to Structure A Hands-On Live Demo with Bernard Aschwanden (plus the most bland slides EVER)
  2. 2. The agenda • Moving to DITA from tools like Microsoft Word, or from an unstructured FrameMaker environment, can seem daunting. • Live demo of legacy files to DITA content. • Word converts FrameMaker moves to structured content. • Default templates reformatted. • Then uploaded to XML Documentation for AEM. • From Word or FrameMaker to DITA and a CCMS… All within about an hour!
  3. 3. Key Discoveries • How to migrate content to DITA fast and easy • How to configure DITA templates in Adobe FrameMaker • Upload and work within AEM with DITA • Tips and Tricks to “do it yourself” • Access to samples and help where needed
  4. 4. MS Word
  5. 5. Into FrameMaker
  6. 6. Create a Conversion Table
  7. 7. By Default
  8. 8. Clean
  9. 9. Add Structure
  10. 10. Results
  11. 11. Export to XML
  12. 12. New Template
  13. 13. Customize Templates
  14. 14. Upload to AEM (File > CMS)
  15. 15. Work in AEM
  16. 16. Or Create in AEM/DITA
  17. 17. Then Pull/Publish
  18. 18. About your speaker • Publishing Smarter: President • Content strategist, publishing technologies expert, author, and geek-enough • Part time prof – Seneca College – TECC program • Certified Technical Trainer – DITA – Content management – Topic-based writing
  19. 19. Services 18:53 @publishsmarter 19
  20. 20. Follow up contact information 905 833 8448 (Eastern Time) I am the #1 result in a Google search for Bernard Aschwanden... Go figure 