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Tribes, foundations and crowdsourced commissioning | Rebecca Smart, CEO, Osprey Group (@rebecsmart)


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Rebecca Smart is the CEO of Osprey Group, which began as a military specialist publisher but is rapidly expanding into other verticals. When they bought the fledgling sci-fi imprint Angry Robot from HarperCollins, Smart remarked at the time that military buffs love science fiction. They also own two businesses publishing for the UK heritage market, Shire and Old House. Recently they acquired the UK publisher Duncan Baird, which owns a substantial and long-standing religion imprint called Watkins as well as a list with many mind body spirit books and titles in food and health. That gives Osprey at least two more vertical areas to work in and a start on some others. In this presentation, Smart describes Osprey's vertical strategy and discusses how what Osprey has learned and developed for its original market of military buffs benefits them in other areas far afield from where they started.

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Tribes, foundations and crowdsourced commissioning | Rebecca Smart, CEO, Osprey Group (@rebecsmart)

  1. 1. Tribes, foundations andcrowdsourced commissioning Rebecca Smart, CEO, Osprey Group @rebecsmart
  2. 2. The destinationfor enthusiasts• Niche• Customer focus• Brand
  3. 3. What elsedo they read?
  4. 4. Firmfoundations
  5. 5. Crowdsourcedbook ideas
  6. 6. Crowdsourcedconcept development
  7. 7. ‘Ive just put my hands on new air vanguardbooks and I have to say that osprey staff tookgreat account of readers suggestions. So I hopethe same amount of work will be done to makethe new series a success. From my point of viewit will be critical an analisis of small unit tactics,as well as famous osprey colour plates!!’
  8. 8. Recruiting fromwithin the tribe
  9. 9. Thank @rebecsmart