The New eDistributors & Maximizing Your Market


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The New eDistributors & Maximizing Your Market
Presented by: Jack Perry, Owner, 38enso Publishing Services

The number of distribution options is nearly unlimited. Most, but not all, of the key channels to the consumer have their own points of entry led by Amazon’s KDP and Barnes & Noble’s PubIt. There could be a temptation by some fledging publishers to skip other channels, but that could be a mistake.

The New eDistributors: Adjunct Services from Print Distributors; eBook Aggregators; New Digital Publisher/Distributor Hybrids and More–Who Does What

Aggregators offering to handle placing ebooks into a variety of distribution channels are available under a variety of service and payment schemes. Almost all of the key print distributors offer some form of a digital distribution service. Online self-service offers have sprung up to serve the growing market. eBook-first digital publishers also offer these services, as do companies that have expanded into distribution from technology or content conversion roots.

Maximizing Your Market: Vendors who help you reach libraries, independent booksellers, institutions, international buyers and more

Amazon Kindle reaches the most consumers overall and probably the most online book buyers, but there are other niches in the market. Barnes & Noble’s Nook has mounted a strong challenge to Kindle, based partly on device features but also largely on the company’s ability to reach the store-shopping book buyer. And other players are critical to reach libraries, independent stores, and foreign markets. In this session, Jack Perry spells out the vertical marketplace realities for ebooks that could be masked by the generalizations of overall market share.

Jack W Perry has been in the corporate bookselling and publishing business for more than 20 years and most recently started 38enso Publishing Services in January 2009. He advises and consults publishers on a number of issues with a specific focus on digital strategy.

Current clients include Open Road Integrated Media, 3M (eBook Library Services), Highlights for Children and ESPN Books. Past clients include Sideways, Turner Publishers, Harry N. Abrams, Shambhala Publications, Perseus Book Group, Little Pim and NFT Travel Guides.

Jack has been an executive at Random House, Scholastic and Sourcebooks.

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The New eDistributors & Maximizing Your Market

  1. 1. eBooks for Everyone Else (eBEE)<br />26 September 2011<br />Jack W Perry<br />
  2. 2. Distribution<br />There are basically four main types of distribution service companies.<br />Full Service Aggregators<br />Self Service Aggregators<br />In-House eBooks<br />eBook Retailers<br />
  3. 3. Full Service Aggregators<br />Provide support throughout the process from conversion to collection. <br />Ingram CoreSource<br />Open Road Integrated Media<br />Overdrive<br />Perseus Constellation<br />
  4. 4. Self Service Aggregators<br /> Generally less expensive but still provide a full range of services. But more internal work.<br />Book Baby<br />Bookbrewer<br />Bookmasters<br />Diversion Books<br />eBookIt<br />Fast Pencil<br />Firebrand<br />INscribe<br />MintRight<br />Rosetta Books<br />Smashwords<br />WorthyShorts<br />
  5. 5. In-House eBooks<br />Bring digital publishing in-house instead of contracting with an aggregator. Still need to outsource conversion but must establish direct relationships with retailers.<br />Aerbook<br />Aptara<br />CodeMantra<br />eBook Architects<br />Impelsys<br />Jouve<br />LibreDigital<br />Plus dozens of independent firms<br />
  6. 6. eBook Retailers<br />Going direct to the accounts for conversion and distribution. Will need to secure separate relationships with each vendor. Quality varies.<br />Amazon Kindle<br />Apple iBooks<br />B&N nook<br />B&T Blio<br />Google<br />Kobo<br />Sony<br />Plus many other eBook retailers<br />
  7. 7. Digital Asset Distribution<br />
  8. 8. eBook Retailers<br />Amazon Kindle<br />Apple iBooks<br />B&N nook<br />Google<br />Kobo<br />Sony<br />Plus many more smaller players<br />
  9. 9. Libraries (and schools)<br />This market is reached through distributors. <br />Overdrive<br />3M<br />eFolletts<br />CourseSmart<br />Plus subscription based distributors such as ebraryand EBSCO/NetLibrary<br />
  10. 10. Global<br />International is more and more important. Most of the US retailers are now global. Must look at each region.<br />
  11. 11. Others<br />Selling direct from publisher website<br />Author selling direct<br />Non-bookstores selling eBooks<br />