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The Digital Publishing Enterprise (John Wicker & Russ Stanton, TCS)


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Tata Consultancy Services (TCS), one of the worlds largest technology firms, will bring more than 40 years of IT expertise to the Publishers Launch stage. They'll present new insights for the publishing industry with results from their extensive study of how over 600 companies in all sectors are using cloud services in every function of their businesses.

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The Digital Publishing Enterprise (John Wicker & Russ Stanton, TCS)

  1. 1. Publishing in the Cloud &The Digital Publishing EnterpriseCopyright © 2012 Tata Consultancy Services Limited Copyright © 2012 Tata Consultancy Services Limited
  2. 2. TCS Cloud Study How The Cloud is Being Used & You!• Survey of 600 + Companies with at least $1-Billion in Revenue• What is the Cloud? Remote data centers accessible via the Internet…anyone remember Service Bureaus??• Public versus Private Clouds• How do Marketing, Sales, R&D, Distribution, Operations Finance, etc., and Utilize the Cloud and the choices? It Varies.• What are Your Plans for the Cloud?
  3. 3. TCS Cloud StudySome Initial Study Findings:The Biggest Driver of Cloud Applications is not IT costs. • • • • •
  4. 4. TCS Cloud StudySome Initial Findings:The early returns on cloud applications are impressive • • • • •
  5. 5. TCS Cloud StudySome Initial Findings:Customer-facing business functions are garnering thelargest share of the cloud application budget • • • • •
  6. 6. TCS Cloud StudySome Initial Findings:The Keys to Benefiting from Cloud Applications areOvercoming Fear of Security Risks and Skepticism aboutROI • • •
  7. 7. Your Enterprise in the Cloud
  8. 8. What we know and what we don’t!!
  9. 9. How knowledge expands..
  10. 10. Some examples….
  11. 11. Year Conference Series Title of Conference Integrating People, Business and Technology1992 Back to the Future of Publishing Nicholas Negroponte ….being digital (1995)1993 Back to the Future of Publishing II Dominating Publishing markets into the 21st Century1994 Back to the Future of Publishing III Re-Engineering - Buzzword or Survival Strategy?1995 Publishing Perspectives The Organizational Impact of Publishing in New Media1996 Publishing Perspectives Profiting From Tomorrows Customers1995 Publishing Perspectives From N to X: The Impact of Online Networks on the Publishing Value Chain1996 Publishing Perspectives Supporting Creativity: Bringing Technology to Front Office Operations Information in Action: Putting Knowledge to Work in the Publishing1997 Publishing Perspectives Industry1998 -2005 & Making Information Pay Various 2009 DAD Conference in New York, USA and2007 Digital Asset Distribution for Book Publishers: An Emerging Infrastructure London, UK StartwithXML Conference in New York,2008 "StartWithXML: Why and How.” USA and London, UKETC Book Publishing in the Cloud If you listen closely you can see the future!!!!!
  12. 12. Nick knew in 1992….. The Negroponte Switch••••
  13. 13. The speed is increasing…
  14. 14. At current rates the internet population doubles every 5 years• Smart Phone are projected to be over 3 billion units by 2015 and could be 6 billion by 2020 at which point most of the world will be connected• Gartner predicts Tablet sales will reach close to 350 million in 2015 with a further 100 million e-readers…total installed base for both could be close to 1 billion devices
  15. 15.  Solution centric -  Product and  Evolution from  End to end digital Bundling of presentation B2B to B2C business processes services and agnostic  Move from within enterprise products for an  Aggregate of Producer PUSH  Metadata driven outcome editorial, external to Consumer discovery, syndicati Agile - To be sources and PULL on and transaction created and user generated  Need for CRM of content products changed with  High and SFM  Digitally managed high degree of volume, velocity,  Need for rights and royalties agility variability and Web, Business  Flexible bundling of Intersection of complexity (Big and Predictive products and technology and Data) Analytics services content  Enriched through  Impact of Social Analytics to granular Media and differentiate metadata and Mobility analytics  Processed digitally through the enterprise
  16. 16. • • • • • • o • o • o •