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Ken Michaels -- Software as a Service


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In a rapidly transforming industry the ability to innovate and adapt can require huge capital investment, expertise and change. The good news is that publishers do not have to be experts at every process or capability nor do they need to build these tools for themselves. Hachette Book Group COO, Ken Michaels, has been leading the innovative transformation at his company in a comprehensive way over the past three years. He will discuss the changes and the opportunities along with the transitional issues and challenges in this journey -- as well as sharing some new capabilities Hachette has developed that may now be available as SaaS tools for others in the industry.

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Ken Michaels -- Software as a Service

  1. 1. Software as a Service:The Opportunity for Publishers Ken Michaels COO, Hachette Book Group
  2. 2. Change Forces Us To “Re-Think” launches cloud software store New app helps local bookstores compete FCC Pushes E‐Textbooks on US Schools Facing Budget Crunch Apple Releases Free Software for Distributing Class MaterialsIngram’s Vital Source expands e‐textbook reach with Android application Library Lends Out E-Readers Google rolls out social search service 2
  3. 3. Mobile devices have become centerpiece of U.S. consumer life 3
  4. 4. Market is now “Over-Served” with huge supply of media choices Self Publishing Traditional 4
  5. 5. Consumers want a mix of physical & digital goods % of RevenueGaming 58% 42% Physical Digital Trade Book 22% 88%Music 52% 48% 5
  6. 6. Key Processes & InvestmentsReach• Publicity + Marketing Intelligence• Social Media• Syndication Presentation • Social Analysis • Mobility • Customer Relationship ManagementDelivery• Point of Sale• Demand / Supply Planning• Digital Consumer + B2B Distribution Transaction Processing • Rights Management • Self-Service / Intelligence • Personalization / Preference CaptureData Storage• Digital Asset Management• Architecture Capabilities• Cloud Infrastructure Content Creation • XML FirstAuthor Acquisition • Digital Workflow (P&E)• Information Intelligence • New Products• Access• Digital Prowess
  7. 7. Choose your core competency and focus your energy there.Then find world-class partners to fill in the rest.
  8. 8. Acquirer Bought SAAS EMAILPiracy monitoring Potential Provider E-processing Unique Core Capabilities Built for Multi-Tenets on a Scalable Infrastructure (Info at July Cloud Conference)
  9. 9. Why SAAS is the new business imperative…• Changing economic conditions• Dual investment strain (digital and traditional)• Speed and complexity of technology• Modular attributes• Skill sets required• Lack of training budgets• Service capabilities grow in importance• Cloud Scalability 9