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Fritz Foy -- Tor/Forge goes DRM-free


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When Macmillan announced in late April that they would be the first Big Six house to routinely deliver a large portion of their ebook output -- all the titles published by Tom Doherty's imprint, which includes -- as DRM-free ebooks, the news lit up Twitter feeds and thrilled the publishing digerati. It came on the heels of Pottermore, but actually reflects internal thinking and preparation at Macmillan going back four years or more. As Fritz Foy, Macmillan's EVP of Digital Publishing and leading technology strategist, will explain in a conversation with Mike Shatzkin, the company considered the needs of three sets of constituents: the readers who buy the ebooks, the authors who write them, and their internal editing and publishing teams that communicate with the author and agent communities. Foy will discuss the lengthy consideration the senior management of Macmillan gave to this bold step, explain why they took it, and help us all think through what the benefits and consequences might be to their business.

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Fritz Foy -- Tor/Forge goes DRM-free

  1. 1. BEA – Publishers LaunchTor / Forge Books – DRM Free June 4, 2012
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  5. 5. What we learned• DRM does not prevent piracy on its own; whether your books are DRM free or not, you still need a strong enforcement program• DRM does not allow for the optimum consumer experience• DRM does not enable us to best serve our authors and their readers• DRM does not encourage a healthy and competitive retail environment 5
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