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A Publisher's Checklist for Cloud Services (Ted Hill)


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Ted Hill will return to the stage to outline what publishers need to think about as they ready their own staff for cloud-based services. He will also help guide attendees to ask the right questions when looking for a service provider.

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A Publisher's Checklist for Cloud Services (Ted Hill)

  1. 1. A Publishers Checklist for UsingCloud ServicesBook Publishing in the CloudJuly 26, 2012NYC
  2. 2. What do we talk about when we talk aboutbook publishing in the cloud? Platforms Practices People
  3. 3. People  Are IT and management aligned when it comes to build vs. buy?  Are you ready to contribute to best practices and evolve with your peers?  Are you willing to continually train and learn?
  4. 4. Practices  Do you know your content and data?  Are you willing to think strategically, rather than tactically?  Are you willing to simplify?
  5. 5. Platforms  Have you defined content standards, and created repositories for content and metadata?  Do you know how cloud services will interface with enterprise systems?  Do you know what you need? Are you ready to define a service level agreement (SLA)?
  6. 6. An introduction to today’s solutionsproviders  Michelle Norrell, CCC  Russell Longo, CoEnterprise  Agustina Casal, Constellation  Steve Rutberg, Firebrand Technologies  George Logan, Klopotek  Bob Cohn, RoyaltyShare  John Wicker, TCS  Rodney Elder, Virtusales
  7. 7. Thank you! m