Online Marketing of eBooks


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Online Marketing of eBooks
Presented by: Rich Fahle, Founder & CEO, Astral Road Media

Your Ebook Marketing Punch List: Explore, Observe, Engage

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Online Marketing of eBooks

  1. 1. Your eBook Marketing Punch List : Explore, Observe, Engage Ebooks for Everyone Else Rich Fahle, Founder & CEO Astral Road Media
  2. 2. Agenda1. Outbound vs. Inbound Marketing2. Identifying Key Bloggers and Influencers3. Building Relationships Online4. Key Book Communities Online5. Ebook Distribution6. Promotions, Blog Tours, Affiliates7. Website: Home Base and Social Media Hub8. Optimize: Be Easily Google-able
  3. 3. Outbound vs. Inbound MarketingActually, outbound AND inbound.• The benefits of joining a community instead of creating one yourself• Marathon, not a sprint. Think months or longer, not days or weeks.• De-Oprahfy your expectations. Big not always better. Think Moneyball.• For those looking for you, control your message with your website. Optimize!
  4. 4. Identifying Key Bloggers & InfluencersExplore, Listen, Spelunk.• Listen First: Where is Your Crowd Hanging Out?• Engage, Explore, Research• Follow Key Targets on Twitter. Who do they follow?• Dive into Facebook• Read Blogs. Read More Blogs• Build Your List of Book Bloggers• When it is time to reach out – use their preferred method. Likely email.
  5. 5. Building Relationships OnlineKnow and play by the rules. Trust takes time.• Within your community, listen, participate, share, add to the conversation.• For book bloggers and reviewers specifically, do your research• Read the review policy.• Know the name of the blogger.• Demonstrate awareness of the blog audience• Personalize. Don’t mass email (“Dear Blogger”)• Some may prefer paper galleys.• Bloggers are savvy. Be transparent.• Benefits of hiring a professional.
  6. 6. Key Book Communities OnlineUse Existing Author Platform Tools• Author Central • Blog feeds, video, events, bibliography, photos.• Goodreads Author Program • Blog feeds, excerpts, video posting, advertise, book giveaways, Q&A discussions, group forums.
  7. 7. Ebook DistributionReach your audience. Protect Your Work• Electronic Ebook distribution with Word, PDF, MOBI, JPG files. Be careful with unprotected files• NetGalley as a means of electronic galley distribution. 40,000 members and growing.• Benefits of NetGalley to reach expanding definition of reviewer (Amazon, Goodreads, book blogger, key website). Set your own requirements, pinpoint your target audience.• Some agencies also use NetGalley.
  8. 8. Promotions, Blog Tours, AffiliatesGoing beyond the review with relevant content.• Free book giveaways with targeted blogs.• Content sharing and blog tours. Create unique content for each blog. Create long-term partnerships.• Video, audio powerful content for partner blogs.• Affiliate relationships with key bloggers and influencers.
  9. 9. Website as Home Base and Social Media HubControl The Message and Grow Their Full Profile• Many authors are more than one book (or more than one publisher)• Sales links to all relevant books, products, services, and content.• Grand Central Station of author background, books and other services (appearances, etc.), social media connections, opinions, blogs.• Email List. Start one today. Yesterday even better.
  10. 10. Optimize: Be Easily Google-ableRaise Your Hand When They Call on You• Be Google-able. Control the platform.• When they’re looking for you, don’t be hard to find.• Search engine optimization – the key to boost organic search• Keywords, keywords, keywords• Create potential for PPC campaigns through Google Adwords etc.• Link building and naming conventions.
  11. 11. Rich FahleFounder and CEO of Astral Road MediaFormerly Vice President of Digital Content &Entertainment for Borders. Including SocialMedia, Email, Entertainment Alliances, BordersMedia Video NetworkCommunications Director and Chief NetworkSpokesperson for C-SPANContributor for