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How we help customers grow


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How we help customers grow

  2. 2. Our Agency works withbusiness owners to identifyopportunities.StrategyCreativeExecution
  3. 3. StrategyCurrent Status• Interviews• AssessmentsIdentification• Questionnaires• Surveys• Historical DataFinancial• How much canwe invest• Where do wewant to grow(g0)
  4. 4. CreativeWhat are the options?What are the costs?Will it be effective to reach theaudience?① Branding② Product Development③ Packaging④ Work Flow⑤ Traditional Advertising⑥ Sponsorships⑦ Partnerships⑧ Channel Distribution⑨ Alliance⑩ Point of SaleTransactions11 Social Media Channels12 Print13 Branding/Corporate Identity Packages14 Branding15 Collateral Materials16 Public Relations17 Franchise/ Second Locations18 Media Coverage
  5. 5. ExecutionPlanSuppliesPeople
  6. 6. Facebook Pages for BusinessOwners
  7. 7. Facebook Pages for BusinessOwners
  8. 8. New logo design and salesideas
  9. 9. Direct Mail CampaignLogo
  10. 10. Artwork Recreation
  11. 11. Creative Idea
  12. 12. REFERRALSStarting BusinessesPeople who want to selltheir businessPeople who want to growtheir business