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Winter Disaster


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If Hurricane Sandy has taught us anything, it's that it's important to prepare residents and local governments for natural disasters before they happen. Take advantage of our winter preparation tips to better handle the upcoming season!

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Winter Disaster

  1. 1. Preparing for Disaster: Winter Season
  2. 2. Request types Service Requests for Winter Storms  Snow Removal  Ice Removal  Slippery Roads  Black Ice  Dangerous Icicles  Clogged Storm Drains  Power Outages  Blocked Roads  Dangerous Intersections  Down Trees  Requests for Food, Supplies  Requests for Non-Emergency Medical Supplies, Medications, Restoring Heat  Request for Transportation  Snowed In Requests  Flooding3
  3. 3. Widgets to ActivateWidgets School Closings Road Closures / Transportation Changes Weather Watches / Warnings Widget Disaster Widget That Highlights FAQ’s and Information on the specific storm (Blizzard, etc.) FEMA Widget American Red Cross Widget American Red Cross Shelter Widgets
  4. 4. Channels to utilize  Weather alert phone calls  City Website  Local media outlets as part of preparation directions, embedding website (TV, Radio, NPR, and Newspapers)  Social Channels such as Facebook and Twitter.  PublicStuff portal for continued updates.  Provide direct emails and links to all local community organizations to help spread the message: • BIDS • Local Businesses • School Contacts, Local Colleges and Universities • Residential Groups • Bicycle Coalitions • Nonprofit Agencies, etc. • Local & National Nonprofits9
  5. 5. Please Remind Your Residents To…  Download the PublicStuff app phone device and report service request issues online, via SMS text and toll free numbers.  Submit the service request through PublicStuff.  Take pictures of service requests in order to document the damage  Add comments to and share service requests11