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Woollahra Library - Community surveys of e-resources


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Presentation delivered by Joan Ruthven at the eResources Seminar held at the State Library of New South Wales October 25th 2011.

Published in: Technology, Spiritual
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Woollahra Library - Community surveys of e-resources

  1. 1. Community surveys of e-resourcesWoollahra Municipal Council
  2. 2. Woollahra Municipal Council Mudgee area
  3. 3. Woollahra Municipal Council Marrickville area
  4. 4. Woollahra Municipal Council Woollahra area
  5. 5. Question formats • Radio buttons e.g. yes/no/unsure • Skip questions • Quantitative and qualitative answers for the same questionWoollahra Municipal Council • Qualitative answers only • Demographic questions e.g. age/suburb/sex
  6. 6. Quantitative analysis: pie chartsWoollahra Municipal Council
  7. 7. Quantitative analysis: graphsWoollahra Municipal Council
  8. 8. Woollahra Municipal Council Qualitative analysis
  9. 9. Findings for Woollahra Identified gaps in the e-resources collection Building and renovating • Building Code of Australia • Standards of Australia (full version not library version) • Property Valuation • Real EstateWoollahra Municipal Council Investment • Share trading Travel Leisure and interests • Film/ Music/ Art/ Antiques Exercise and Fitness