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War houses for local studies librarians


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Presented at local studies meeting 29 March 2019, Parramatta

Published in: Government & Nonprofit
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War houses for local studies librarians

  1. 1. Homes for the living and memorials to the dead Angela Phippen Local Studies & Family History Librarian The ‘battleground’ houses of Ryde and Eastwood
  2. 2. House names: – Battles – Ships – People – Rehabilitation hospitals; training camps
  3. 3. • Image of House
  4. 4. • Had been ‘dabbling’ with this research for a number of years – result was 52 houses • Centenary of Armistice focussed by thoughts • Applied for funding; successful but still library funds were needed (printed 150) • Very tight schedule to meet November deadline • In-house designer; local printer • Hugh amount of work but happy that I have ‘done something’ with the research • More houses have come to light since