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Those who served


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Angela Phippen, Ryde Those who served: how accurate is your list of aldermen and mayors?

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Those who served

  1. 1. Those who served: Aldermen and councillors of your municipalities and LGAs
  2. 2. • Date of election (even if there was no poll) • Who was elected (wards yes, parties no) • Who served • Mayors • Deputy Mayors • Fully footnoted
  3. 3. Used: • Minutes (not complete); • Government gazettes; • TROVE newspapers (Cumberland Argus, SMH etc) • Sands? Problems: • Understanding the municipal term • Disagreement between the records about spelling of names
  4. 4. I can now easily find the answer to the following questions: • Who was the first woman elected? • How long did she serve? • Which Council has had the greatest representation of women? • How many women have served on Council?
  5. 5. • Who is the longest serving mayor? • Have we ever had a popularly elected mayor? • Who is the longest serving alderman/councillor? • Have we always had wards? Same number? • When did person X serve? Was he/she ever mayor?
  6. 6. • Plus I have it both for Ryde and Eastwood municipalities so the ‘subsumed’ council has not been forgotten
  7. 7. • It can’t answer: am I the youngest mayor/councillor etc because it’s not a biographical database or a history of Council elections