The RAN reading list


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This talk was presented by Captain Justin Jones at the History at the Dixson, readers advisory seminar 7 March 2012.

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The RAN reading list

  1. 1. The RAN Reading List Captain Justin Jones, RAN Director Sea Power Centre – Australia. 7 March 2012
  2. 2. Sea Power Centre – AustraliaNavy’s ‘think tank’- Promote understanding of Sea Power and its application to Australia’s national interests- Manage the development of maritime and strategic concepts- Manage the development of Australian maritime doctrine- Preserve, promulgate and promote Navy history- Contribute to the debate on contemporary maritime issues- Contribute to regional engagement
  3. 3. Sea Power Centre – Australia; Activitiess Public engagement on sea power and maritime issuess Study developments in maritime strategy and doctrines Conduct and sponsor briefings, conferences, seminars, lectures and study periods both in Australia and overseass Conduct research and publish papers on maritime issuess Assist study and research by visiting fellows and kindred organisationss Maintain, develop and promote the history of the RAN, Commonwealth and Colonial naval forces
  4. 4. Sea Power Centre – Australia; Engagements Indonesian Naval Staff College (SESKOAL)s Malaysian Armed Forces Defence College (MPAT)s PUSTAKMARs Philippines Armed Forces Staff Colleges India: National Maritime Foundations Chinas International Conferences
  5. 5. Sea Power Centre – Australia; Publicationss Doctrines Semaphores Soundingss Sea Power Series (formerly Papers In Australian Maritime Affairs)s Commercial Publications: - The Royal Australian Navy in World War II - Sea Power Ashore and in the Air - Positioning Navies for the Future - Australia’s Navy in the Gulf - Australia’s Navy in Vietnam
  6. 6. Why a Reading List?s ‘We must dare to think unthinkable thoughts. We must explore all of the options and possibilities that confront us in a complex and rapidly changing world.’ James William Fulbrights ‘The nation that makes great distinction between its scholars and its warriors will have its thinking done by cowards and its fighting done by fools.’ Thucydides
  7. 7. Tips we provides Read in depth about a single topics Read widely about a broad topics Read about different topicss Read good military fictions Read beyond this lists Read again!
  8. 8. Structures Professional reading - Classical maritime strategy - Modern maritime strategy - Naval historys General reading - Contemporary regional maritime affairs - Social and cultural material - Naval and military films and documentaries - journals
  9. 9. Final thought‘We must dare to read, write, learn and publish.’ Admiral James Stavridis, USN Supreme Allied Commander, Europe
  10. 10. Sea Power Centre – Australia; Informations Website: E-mail:
  11. 11. QUESTIONS?