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This was presented at Horror at the Metcalfe 12 March 2014, co-organised by the NSW Readers Advisory Working Group

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  • Tumblr is a microblogging platform and a social media site. It's currently the 10th largest social media platform, with 1/2 the users under the age of 25.Similarly to other platforms like Twitter, you can use it just to follow the blogs you are interested in , or you can blog yourself. It has a great mobile app, so it really easy to browse on a smart phone or tablet.
  • Like the rest of the internet, plenty of the content seems to be about cats. Many bloggers are avid readers, and there is some amazing fan art to discover.
  • A key tool we use in RA work is the Book Jackets themselves. They tell an immediate story that a list of titles or authors cannot. There are many great book-based blogs out there, and we wanted to take their best ideas, and use them. We particularly wanted to use them to post some Australian content, because, as you all know, many of the commercial RA products out there don't include many Australian books and authors.We decided to try this under the Read Watch Play umbrella for a few reasons. It was partially to share the workload of designing and creating the posts, and also to make them available for other libraries to use. It was also because, just like all of you, it is not easy to get permission from council or our libraries to launch a new social media account. However, most of us have permission to use the RWP material, so there should no reason that you can't use this content.
  • Each post is set up in an ‘If you like..., why not try’ format. We base most of them around the #rwpchat theme for the month.We include books, movies and games, and give a reason for the suggestion. We link through to because RWP in an international collaboration.
  • Even if you don't have Tumblr, you can link to the posts via Twitter, Facebook, or your website.
  • You could also take the ideas and modify them to use in your own library in a way that suits your needs.Bankstown are going to use them as part of slideshow in their library.A slide like this could also be used on Pinterest, or printed to display.
  • The project is a collaboration amongst staff from a number of libraries. We share the ideas and the workload via email and a shared folder.It is still early days, so we don't have a huge amount of followers yet, but we are hoping some of you will be able to help us promote it. We have decide to trial it for this year, and then assess if we think it is worth continuing.We can already see that the posts that get the most interest are the ones about YA books, which is not surprising, given the demographics of the audience. We would love some more collaborators to work on the project, so if you have an idea for a post, please get in touch with us.
  • Some suggested blogs to visit
  • read watch play tumblr presentation by Melanie Mutch

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    3. 3. Why not try #rwpchat #questread If you liked Clockwork Angel by Cassandra Clare Enclave by Ann Aguire Legend by Marie Lu Delirium by Lauren Oliver Uglies by Scott Westerfeld The Knife of Never Letting Go by Patrick Ness
    4. 4. The team: Alyson Baker – Nelson Public Library (NZ) Liz Baker – Bankstown Library Stephanie Hodgson – Auburn Library Jess O’Reilly – Stanton Library Melanie Mutch – Warringah Council Library
    5. 5. Epic Reads Go Book Yourself Lawrence Public Library Pickerington Library YA Interrobang