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Noosa: different by nature (& a levy)


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Presented by Jane Harding as part of the #widerlocalstudies Australia wide videoconference 2 May 2019

Published in: Government & Nonprofit
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Noosa: different by nature (& a levy)

  1. 1. Noosa: different by nature (& a levy) Wider Local Studies webinar 2 May 2019 Jane Harding | Heritage Coordinator
  2. 2. Revenue and Expenditure EXPENDITURE ALLOCATIONS Category Percentage Heritage Assets (Preservation & Acquisitions) 50% Heritage Projects 30% Heritage Coordination & Advice 20% Heritage Sustainability REVENUE Per rateable property Annual revenue (approx.) $10/year $300,000
  3. 3. Jane Harding | Heritage Coordinator (07) 5329-6534