Multicultural makingconnections


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Multicultural makingconnections

  1. 1. Making Connections Multicultural and Cooperative Services
  2. 2. Multicultural services Collection of 43 community languages to borrow through local public libraries Audiobooks (CD/Mp3 format) and large print available in some languages  Materials to learn English (ESL) Newspapers in community languages
  3. 3. Electronic signage This is available in 4 designs, each featuring a different set of languages
  4. 4. 43 community languages for loan, including books on health
  5. 5. International newspapers online Library PressDisplay A service which allows anyone who lives in NSW to read newspapers in their own language at home. Over 1,400 international newspapers and magazines from more than 80 countries in 39 languages are available using your State Library card
  6. 6. Community Languages Collection Directory
  7. 7. Example
  8. 8. Find newly purchased material by our RSS feeds on the library’s homepage
  9. 9. Search for material by language or format
  10. 10. Request form
  11. 11. My Loans : your library account See what you have out and when it is due back
  12. 12. Raising Awareness of Multicultural Services Does your library website include or link to information about multicultural services ?  State Library Multicultural Bulk Loans should be displayed on open shelves and accessible to everyone Remove barriers for CALD groups wanting to use the library by creating signage in community languages using the Multilingual Glossary
  13. 13. Multilingual Glossary Create signage and library resources using the multilingual glossary ie. Welcome
  14. 14. Example
  15. 15. Contact us if you require promotional materials Bookmarks Leaflets Banners for your library Electronic welcome signage
  16. 16. Multilingual Pamphlets information about core library services offered to communities by NSW public libraries. Available in 49 languages including English
  17. 17. Example
  18. 18. : Multicultural Unit
  19. 19. @SLNSW_LOTE
  20. 20. Disability Access Collections Large print Talking books Both collections include a range of genres and current publications Available for bulk loan – same conditions as Multicultural Available for ILL
  21. 21. Disability Access Collections
  22. 22. Co-operative Purchasing
  23. 23. Co-operative Purchasing Free service to provided to NSW public libraries Facilitates the supply of material both in English and languages other than English (LOTE) Facilitates acquisition of LOTE material through selection days: Libraries supply comprehensive profile of buying needs by language and format Suppliers invited to display material for selection by and on behalf of libraries Cataloguing to Libraries Australia standards Coordinates end processing to each library’s specifications
  24. 24. Public Library Services Contacts Cameron Morley, Manager, Funding and Advisory Services, 9273 1483 Oriana Acevedo, Multicultural Consultant, 9273 1544 Abby Dawson, Coordinator, Multicultural Bulk Loans Service:, 9273 1541 Shauna Miller, Coordinator, Multicultural Purchasing Cooperative:, 9273 1540