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Making connections august 2013 pls

  1. 1. Making Connections 2013 P&D-3152-10/2009
  2. 2. Overview of State Library One of Australia’s leading libraries comprising: The Mitchell Library, the Dixson Library, and the State Reference Library. More than 340 staff including librarians, archivists, conservators, curators, designers and IT experts. 150 + volunteers. Over 804,000 visitors to the building and more than 3 million online visits to the website.
  3. 3. State Library of New South Wales
  4. 4. Public Libraries and Community Learning Services
  5. 5. Public Libraries and Community Learning Services Four branches, 33 staff, and lots of programs and services to support public libraries and school students –PLS – –LIAC and drug info –Community Learning
  6. 6. Public libraries – heavily used by the people of NSW –376 locations across NSW - 104 central library services, 272 branch libraries (and 23 mobile libraries) –3.2 million members (44% of population) – more than 1.2 million people attended over 48,000 public programs and events –almost 48 million loans State Library of NSW (2013) Public Library Statistics 2011/12
  7. 7. Loans in NSW public libraries
  8. 8. Other indicators –The Internet has made libraries busier – over 3.7 million bookings per year –Library staff answer more than 4.6 million requests for information per annum –Collections in all formats including books, DVDs, talking books, CDs and digital items continue to grow. In 2010/11 13.5 million items were held across NSW public libraries, including over 2 million items in community languages
  9. 9. Program participants - 200,000 400,000 600,000 800,000 1,000,000 1,200,000 1,400,000 2009 2010 2011 2012 Program Attendance Attendance
  10. 10. Public Library Services Manager Funding and Advisory Services Cameron Morley Consultants Ellen Forsyth Leanne Perry Anne Doherty Kate O’Grady Philippa Scarf Grants and Subsidies Clerk Kathy Morrison Clerical Officer Lesley Targ Multicultural Services Consultant Oriana Acevedo Coordinator Multicultural Cooperative Shauna Miller Multicultural bulk loans team Abby Dawson
  11. 11. Library Act 1939 - Objects –to promote, provide and maintain library services and information services for the people of New South Wales through the State Library and through co-operation with local libraries… –to advise the Minister, local authorities .. on matters of policy and administration relating to library services .. that are or may be provided through local libraries –to advise the Minister on the provision of assistance to local libraries or other libraries.
  12. 12. Library Act 1939 – Duties of Library Council of NSW –(a) to make .. careful inquiry into the administration and management of every local library which is provided, controlled and managed .. by a local authority which has adopted this Act –(b) to cause every local library.. which is provided, controlled and managed .. by a local authority which has adopted this Act, to be inspected from time to time –(c) to report to the Minister as to the sums required to be provided in each year to meet the cost of subsidies payable under this Act
  13. 13. Public Libraries Consultative Committee, 2013 –Jan Richards , Chair & Library Council of NSW Representative; Manager Library Services, Central West Libraries –Andrew Tink , Library Council of NSW Representative –Rob Thomas, Library Council of NSW Representative –Noel Baum, Strategy Manager, Local Government Association of NSW & Shires Associations of NSW –Michelle Simon, NSW Metropolitan Public Libraries Association; Manager, Canterbury City Library –Clr Veronique Marchandeau , President, NSW Metropolitan Public Libraries Association; Councillor, North Sydney Council –Paul Scully, NSW Metropolitan Public Libraries Association; Manager, Liverpool City Library –Clr Graham Smith , Chair, Public Libraries New South Wales; Councillor, Cessnock City Council –Keryl Collard , Public Libraries New South Wales; Manager, Maitland City Library –Robert Knight , Public Libraries New South Wales; Director, Riverina Regional Library –Clr Julie Hegarty , Local Government and Shires Association (LGSA); Councillor, Pittwater Council –Dr Alex Byrne , State Librarian & Chief Executive, State Library of NSW –Frances Sims , Director, Public Library and Community Learning Services, State Library of NSW –Cameron Morley , Executive Officer & Manager, Public Library Services, State Library of NSW
  14. 14. Library Act 1939 – Part 3 Local Libraries –s8 Adoption or revocation of the Act by Local Authorities –s10 Requirements as to services to be provided by local libraries – s10 (1) A local authority must comply with and observe the following requirements in relation to the provision, control and management by it of any local library:
  15. 15. Library Act 1939 – Part 3 Section 10 s10 (1) a)Residents and ratepayers entitled to free membership b)Free access to certain materials on library premises c)Free loans of certain library material to members d)Free delivery to sick or disabled members e)Free basic reference services to members f) Restriction on use of State subsidy Also covers some provisions on borrowing entitlements and reciprocal membership enablement.
  16. 16. Funding – Public Libraries Grants and Subsidies –Subsidy - $1.85 per capita, $13,503,243 –Disability & Geographic Adjustments $6,551,966 – $2,440,000 –Outback Letterbox Library $100,000 –Strategic Network Projects $449,560 –State Library services to public libraries $433,235 –Library Development Grants (LDG) $549,996 –Country Libraries Fund $2,000,000 –Revitalising Regional Libraries $500,000 –Total $26,528,000
  17. 17. Strategic Network Projects –Multicultural Purchasing Cooperative $92K –Research $80K –Professional development $80K –Inter library loan van $50K –Statistics database $50K –Statewide network development $80K
  18. 18. Statewide Network Development –support for the PLC and PLM Association secretariats –support for Association conferences –travel assistance for PLCC members and Regional Library Managers to attend meetings –travelling exhibitions and events –contribution to the MyLanguage project which provides access to search engines, web directories and news in over sixty languages –summer reading program materials for all NSW public libraries –funding of network wide email lists and wikis –publication of Public Library News, Public Libraries Directory, Public Library Statistics, and Guidelines such as People Places –legal advice relevant to NSW public libraries (e.g. policy guidelines)
  19. 19. Thank you! P&D-3152-10/2009