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Lithgow Library’s Community Ukulele Group


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Presented at Seniors in Focus, State Library of NSW 17 November 2018

Published in: Education
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Lithgow Library’s Community Ukulele Group

  1. 1. Lithgow - Leles Lithgow Library’s Community Ukulele Group.
  2. 2. The Lithgow Library learning Centre got our hands on 6 ukuleles in 2016… They sat on a shelf for a few months before we decided to try offering a beginners ukulele class. This is our first class….
  3. 3. From our first 3 reluctant learners…we now have over 40 regular musicians.
  4. 4. Breakaway groups….
  5. 5. Of course we roll them out for every library event.
  6. 6. IDAHOT & World Peace Day.
  7. 7. Contact • Ali Kim at Lithgow Library Learning Centre.