Young people and libraries


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Presentation by Kate O'Grady to Youth Interagency meeting April 2013.

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  • Here are some examples of library spaces for youth.
  • Many libraries have comprehensive youth sections on their websites that include study help and links.Parramatta Library
  • Canada Bay
  • State Library provides 2 collections to NSW public libraries. drug info Drug and alcohol information, partnership with NSW Health Find Legal AnswersAs the name implies provides legal information have info for school – legal studies and PDHPE but also info for personal issues.Both services provide collections to public libraries and comprehensive websites.Public library staff are trained and supported in providing these services by staff from SLNSW.
  • The websites have sections specifically for students and teachers.Drug info @ your library commissioned a book “a quick guide to drugs and alcohol” because there was no suitable plain language book available. The book is in all NSW public libraries, has been sent to all high schools and is available full text on the web.
  • Find legal answers HSC legal studies page.
  •  LIAC regularly provides presentations to HSC Legal Studies students – last month there were 8 presentations to over 800 legal studies students in total.  Areas covered included:signing up for a State Library card using the Legal Studies Research Guides as a launching pad for locating cases, legislation, media reports from newspapers, magazines and law journals, international instruments and documents for each part of the syllabus using the HSC Legal Studies News Watch Blog the LIAC Crime Library 
  • State Library HSC pinterest board linking through to a range of resources that students can use
  • Libraries are providing info for a broader range of students.Randwick careers event for those not wanting to attend uni. Partnership with the Beacon foundation. Had 18 people from 11 different companies and industries. A panel (nursing, radio, retail, film and hospitality) spoke about their industry what they loved about it, how to enter the field and what paths the students could follow with future employment. After students and parents could mingle and ask questions of the reps. It was very successful and Randwick Library is considering making this an annual event.
  • The drug info collections in public libraries and the website have info for young people that is not necessarily related to their study. libraries promote this service and collection. They run events during drug action week in June targeted at young people. Many libraries also use the drug info promo items to handout during youth week.Drug infoAlbury Library Drug Action Week – Looking After your mind photo exhibition, photos taken by young people, exhibition in partnership with CDAT. Library promoted drug info books and pamphlets. 4th year, each year targets a different group including local high schools, kids at risk, kids who use the local youth café. After attending workshops, the participants developed an image and wrote a short passage explaining their photo. The photos were exhibited in the Library Museum on the community wall and on the laneway projection. Participants reported the exercise was an opportunity to express their thoughts about complex issues in a creative way.Singleton Library Drug Action Week – session presented by speaker from Catholic Care and Hunter Families with Adolescents Education Resource Project to inform and educate high school students and enhance resilience and self esteem. Wyong Shire Library partnered with Northern Wyong Community Drug Action Team (CDAT) to raise awareness on the effects of alcohol and other drugs with teenagers. Library staff joined CDAT members as they visited local high schools to promote the library's free resources. Students were encouraged to sample mocktails and were also given a pair of beer goggles to see how steady they were on their feet when asked to pick something up from the ground.
  • The State Library and drug info contribute to a pinterest board on youth week that links to public library websites and events. libraries, including Canada Bay, also use the drug info promo items to handout during youth week.
  • The Find legal answers website and collection also includes information for young people to help them with their legal rights and accessing the right information. who manage FLA also regularly put out a publication called Hot Topics, available in public libraries and all except the most recent editions are available online.
  •  During law week in May public libraries run events about the law. These are aimed at a range of groups including young people. The events are designed to educate young people about their legal rights and responsibilities Tamworth Library partnered with Legal Aid to screen the short film Burn, which is part of a program designed to educate young people about becoming involved in serious acts of crime. Burn told the story of a typical juvenile robbery offence that escalates into a more serious act of violence with devastating results for all involved. Legal Aid attended to facilitate discussion and talk about legal issues for young people in general. About 45 young people attended the event which was held after hours and included pizza and give aways. Tamworth also gave a presentation to HSC Legal Studies students, which included a talk on family law from a Legal Aid solicitor and the manager of the local Family Relationships Centre.This is a photo of a mock court case at Auburn, another law week event.
  • Kiama Library is the first library in NSW to be connected to the NBN. They are trialling new programs and projects in association with this.Working with headspace to provide video conferencing options. Young people can go to the library and speak to a headspace counsellor via video. Closer to home and can say to family and friends that they are going to the library rather than to counselling, so avoiding stigma or embarrassment.
  • Tamworth – Hunger games survival night during September school holidays, young people from 12 to 18, even number of boys and girls (mentioned because it is unusual). Split into 4 teams ( as in the book) and had 4 rounds of multiple choice trivia led by library staff members. The highlight according to the organisers was when the groups were challenged to test their shelter building skills using marshmallows and toothpicks. According to KateyAlwell from Tamworth Library The Hunger Games Survival nights not only combined recreation with reading and information literacy, but encouraged social interaction amongst young people, fostering a sense of belonging and community connection.” KateyAlwell Tamworth Library PL News December 2012
  • Wollongong library celebrated Harry Potter’s birthday on 31 July. Library showcased new electronicresources, showed a movie, ran a trivia competition and a display of Harry Potter memorabilia. After the movie pizza and drinks were served. So successful that library is planning a similar Lord of the Rings event.
  • Narellan library has transformed a section of the library into The space digital studios is actually 3 separate spaces 1. a technology workshop room 20 laptops, 2. Design & Create Mac lab with 10 networked iMacs and 3. Records & Mix a sound proof room with mixing deck, sound and video equipment. School holiday sessions have included claymation, animation, podcasting, blogging and apps workshops. New programs are planned for the future including sound recording with professional sound engineers for local musicians. Kim White Camden “The space digital studios will develop as aninteresting extension of our traditional libraryservices. With monitors that project onto the floor,a surround sound system and several media players,the library is able to showcase all forms of mediacreated in the space. This has been a great way topromote the digital creations of the attendees atour workshops, especially young people.” (Dec 2012 PLN)
  • X box Wii and pizza night at Wollondilly
  • Live n Loud in Taree allows for young people to play live music and socialise.
  • Kiama is hosting a youth gaming night this week.Again “Free pizza”
  • Canterbury Library – teen book clubs
  • Canterbury LibraryThe chillzone is for those who might not want to participate in organised activities - Turn up last Thursday of the month
  • City of Sydney Library is getting young people involved in its “late night” sessions and a youth week craft fair.
  • HibaKanj (Parramatta), Rock n Lock music concertHip Hop and street dancing, Manga and Anime nightHenna paintingLolly buffets, book selection and anime nights. As with the earlier point of input in design to create ownership, book selection shows young people that they are being listened to and helps them to feel that the library’s collection is theirs.
  • Stacey Wales (Camden) a popular theme with technology AND demonstrating sustainability in the event of acrisis for this year’s Youth Week.Youth will develop skills in pre-production storyboarding, stage makeup, filming and editing ofzombie animation in digital studios in preparation for combining contributors footage into adocumentary to create a mega-screening of the ZOMBIE APOCOLYPSE – coupled with a RotaryBBQ!. Action stations on the day will include the Council Environment Officer demonstrating water filtration and food, sustainability and use of library technology to research subjects such as the containment of disease.
  • Tullamore Library is a branch of Parkes library in the state’s central west.Ran a zombie event last year. It was a surprise for the young people who turned up because they thought they were attending a writing workshop. The library was ‘vandalised’ and staff are volunteers were dressed as zombies.As with Camden, the event was fun but included research in the library to find survival techniques.The writing workshop was conducted at the school in the week after the event.
  • Many libraries have dedicated web spaces for young people.
  • Some libraries provide free music downloads through Freegal as with Newcastle. Free ebooks are provided through many libraries. Some will even provide e readers or tablets for loan.
  • libraries have facebook pages and use these to connect with the community in a different way. Some even have youth specific pages.
  • Libraries are constantly exploring different forms of social media.starting to work onpinterest boards.
  • Young people and libraries

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