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Infographic use


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Presentation by Kathryn Breward about the use of infographics by Clarence Regional Library

Published in: Technology
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Infographic use

  1. 1. Cl ar ence Regi onal Li br ar y I nf ogr aphi c s
  2. 2. how Why? •Easi er and mor e ef f ect i ve way t o communi cat e dat a •Want ed a vi sual r epr esent at i on f or : • Communi t y • Li br ar y commi t t ee • St af f
  3. 3. how Why? •So we coul d have a: • post er • handout • web ver si on …. . avai l abl e f or qui ck r ef er ence.
  4. 4. how Dat a cont ent comes f r om a var i et y of sour ces i ncl udi ng: •Spydus our Li br ar y Management Syst em • usage r epor t s
  5. 5. how
  6. 6. how • Peopl e count er s • Manual / ECR st at s r epor t s
  7. 7. how
  8. 8. how • Wi f i and i nt er net use st at s
  9. 9. how
  10. 10. how • Popul at i ons – Pr of i l e. i d • ht t ps: / / pr of i l e. i d. com. au/ cl ar ence - val l ey/ home • ht t ps: / / pr of i l e. i d. com. au/ bel l i nge n/ home
  11. 11. how
  12. 12. how Dat a can al so come f r om…. . • Your dat abase usage st at i st i cs • Comment s f r om your communi t y
  13. 13. how How di d I do i t ? •Sear ched i nt er net f or t ool s •Checked r evi ews l i ke t hi s: • Venngage  i s a r el i abl e i nf ogr aphi c desi gn appl i cat i on t hat conver t s dat a and pr ocesses i nt o mor e accessi bl e and memor abl e cont ent . The pr ogr am enabl es user s t o cr eat e gr aphs, i nf ogr aphi cs, and char t s easi l y. . . . I t ' s a si mpl e sof t war e t hat can be used f or f r ee by t he seasoned desi gner s as wel l begi nner s. Dec 7, 2018 • Sour ce: ht t ps: / / r evi ews. f i nancesonl i ne. com/ p/ venng age/
  14. 14. how
  15. 15. What our st at s l ooks l i ke i n an i nf ogr aphi c t oday….
  16. 16. How we have used i nf ogr aphi We loaded as images on our website under each library’s page as well as each LGA page and also under our about CRL page.
  17. 17. Copies were placed on display at each library location… grafton library
  18. 18. iluka library
  19. 19. maclean library
  20. 20. yamba library
  21. 21. The infographic for CVC libraries was used as inspiration for the Council’s annual report last year….
  22. 22. Feedback: simple, easy to understand, picture is much easier to understand than numbers Statistics: not easy to relate to but these are more accessible for both internal and external stakeholders.
  23. 23. Thanks…