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Immersive storytelling, City of Mount Gambier


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Presentation by Danni Reade on 2 May 2019 at the #widerlocalstudies Australia wide online meeting

Published in: Government & Nonprofit
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Immersive storytelling, City of Mount Gambier

  1. 1. Immersive Storytelling Exploring oral history and virtual reality technology with those in aged care. Danni Reade- Local History Officer City of Mount Gambier Library
  2. 2. Our Project- Immersive Storytelling • VR (Virtual Reality Technology) • Current Day 360 video footage • Oral History Recordings • Historic Photographs
  3. 3. Our Background… Mount Gambier is in the South East of South Australia, and the biggest regional City outside of Adelaide. Our population growth is in the 50+ demographic The Mount Gambier Library (like all libraries) has a key role to play in the social inclusion and life long learning of our community.
  4. 4. How has this project come about? Our ‘Book Well” program sees monthly visits from 90 residents from local aged care facilities. The cuppa, cake and chat format make a great environment for reminiscing about days gone by. Embracing Lifelong Learning means we need to value add to these sessions. What can our seniors experience and learn? An emerging trend across the world is use of VR technologies as therapy with the express aim of improving the quality of life of those in care.
  5. 5. What resources do we have? Les Hill Historical Collection • 16, 000 local photographs, • 45, 000 newspaper records • 4,000 books. Our People • 90 participants in Book Well Our Equipment • 360 Camera • VR Headsets
  6. 6. How does this all come together? 1. Film key areas in the City with 360◦ cameras. 2. Show the videos to our Book Well groups, immerse them in the landscapes and encourage conversation about what the see. 3. Record their memories and match their stories with photographs from our historical archives. 4. Combine the 360◦ footage, oral recordings and still images for a Immersive Storytelling presentation that is viewed on the VR headsets.
  7. 7. Immersive Storytelling Exploring oral history and virtual reality technology with those in aged care. • Capturing and Sharing memories • Highlighting our Historical Collections • Participating in the Community • Encourage new technologies City of Mount Gambier Library