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Hsc2017 business economics


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Presentation from 2017 HSC and education forum

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Hsc2017 business economics

  1. 1. HSC Business Studies/Economics Overview of Syllabus and Key Texts & Resources
  2. 2. Introduction
  3. 3. Recent changes:  2011: Saw the implementation of the new Business Studies syllabus in NSW.  2012: The first HSC exam was held for the new Business Studies syllabus  2017: New Syllabus for English, Mathematics, Science and History Business Studies Syllabus
  4. 4.  The changes affected the whole stage 6 Business Studies and Economics course.  This means both the preliminary (yr11) and HSC (yr12) course. What were the changes?
  5. 5. Preliminary Course Old New 1. Nature of Business 2. Key Business Functions 3. Establishing a Business 4. Business Planning 1. Nature of Business 2. Business Management 3. Business Planning What were the changes?
  6. 6. HSC Course Old New 1. Business Management and Change 2. Financial Planning and Management 3. Marketing 4. Employment Relations 5. Global Business 1. Operations 2. Marketing 3. Finance 4. Human Resources What were the changes?
  7. 7.  The management and change topic was removed from the HSC course to the preliminary course.  The Global Business Topic was removed as a separate topic and was integrated through the four HSC topics  Operations became a major focus in the HSC, as it is one the key business functions.  The structure of all topics were streamlined, so there was a consistency between all topics. Summary of changes
  8. 8. Roles Influences Process Strategies Effectiveness (Only relevant for the HR topic) Structure of the Topics in the HSC.
  9. 9.  Lack of resources for the new topics  Limited knowledge in the operations topic  No examples of HSC style questions from previous papers. Challenges faced by teachers and students
  10. 10.  The structure of the Business Studies exam did not change with the new syllabus.  However there were some changes in the way some questions were asked.  The Business Report (Section III); could still ask questions, which covered three topics  The Extended response (Section IV); still covered two topics, however there will not be a combination of two topics in one question.  The extended response still requires students to integrate a case study in their response. HSC Business Studies Exam
  11. 11. HSC Economics Syllabus
  12. 12. Economics Websites 1. 1. Very good for exam papers and notes 2. All subjects covered 2. 1. Podcasts on key topic areas 2. Multiple choice questions
  13. 13. Resources
  14. 14. Resources: Text/Work Books
  15. 15. Resources: Text/Work Books
  16. 16. Resources: Text/Work Books
  17. 17. Resources: Text/Work Books
  18. 18. Resources: Text/Work Books
  19. 19.  HSC Exam Workbooks  BOS has developed HSC workbooks, which can be purchased direct from the BOS.  Provides past HSC exam questions, comments straight from the HSC markers and marking guidelines.  In addition they provide real exemplar responses. Resources: Text/Work Books
  20. 20.  Keith Chidiac has published workbooks for both the preliminary and HSC course.  These workbooks provide: - Multiple choice questions - Literacy activities - Terminology builders - Short Answers Resources: Text/Work Books
  21. 21.  Seminars: - Business Report Writing Seminars - Overview of the Business Studies Course  Drop In Sessions  Mock HSC examinations  Visit our website to view the range of HSC programs that we provide. First Class Tutoring