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Digital collecting, Oral history,


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Digital collecting, Oral history Maria Savvidis, Librarian @mariasavvidis presented at Digital collecting for NSW public library staff, 27 May 2019

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Digital collecting, Oral history,

  1. 1. Oral History Collecting Maria Savvidis @mariasavvidis 27 May 2019
  2. 2. Why collect oral history? ● Longstanding practice of cultures using the voice as a tool for passing down tradition, knowledge and memory between generations ● As a research practice - an established and important source of social knowledge and information ● To address lack of representation ● Cultural memory - our past, present and future
  3. 3. Wishlist ● Focus on your Collection Development Policy ● Address gaps in the collection ● Complement existing holdings in your collection ● Respond to contemporary issues and events
  4. 4. The interview ● Open ended questions ● Avoid leading or suggesting ● Chronological focus ● Minimal interruptions to narrative ● Non verbal and impartial responses
  5. 5. Oral History interviews online: ● SLNSW ● Amplify ● National Library of Australia ● City of Sydney ● New York Public Library ● British Library
  6. 6. Checklist for every interview: ❏ WAV files - uncompressed WAV 24 bit 48 kHz, stereo ❏ Signed oral history rights agreement form ❏ Digital photograph of interviewee (JPEG, TIFF) ❏ Executive summary (2-3 paragraphs, Word document) ❏ Interview metadata (Excel worksheet) ❏ All files named correctly, saved to a USB / portable hard drive ❏ Ask if interviewee prefers their copy of the interview on USB / CD
  7. 7. Further resources: • Oral History Australia • Guidelines for ethical practice ractice__2007.pdf • Oral History NSW • Oral History Handbook, by Beth M Robertson Fifth Edition, 2013, ISBN 0646454447
  8. 8. Oral History Collecting Maria Savvidis @mariasavvidis 27 May 2019