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Collecting digital publications


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Presented by Brendan Somes as part of Digital collecting for NSW public library staff 27 May, 2019

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Collecting digital publications

  1. 1. Collecting Digital Publications Brendan Somes Collection Strategy Specialist 27 May 2019
  2. 2. National edeposit service (NED) Service that enables Australian publishers to deposit their digital publications Developed by National, State, and Territory Libraries Launches this Thursday is the place where publishers can deposit
  3. 3. National edeposit service (NED) – What Publications • monographs (e.g. books, government publications) – .epub, .mobi and .pdf formats • serials (e.g. journals, magazines, annual reports, newsletters including ‘members only’ newsletters, newspapers) - .epub, .mobi and .pdf formats • music scores - .epub, .mobi and .pdf formats • maps – .pdf, .geopdf, .tiff and geotiff formats
  4. 4. National edeposit service (NED) – What Publications • Subject to legal/government deposit • No digital rights management • Bulk deposit available • Can accept emails
  5. 5. What use is NED? • If publication of interest and meets NED criteria, advise publisher to deposit to NED • If publisher allows, publication will be freely available • If NSW publication, available through SLNSW catalogue • Everything available at Trove
  6. 6. NED questions •
  7. 7. Websites • SLNSW collects websites in two ways • Archive-It and Pandora
  8. 8. Archive-It • Enables large scale collecting of websites – e.g. domain • Material is available at https://www.archive-
  9. 9. Pandora • Collaborative web collecting tool developed by the National Library used by national and state libraries • Websites available via catalogues and viewable in Trove • 393
  10. 10. What use? • Any suggestions/ideas – send to • Best to get permission to archive website (if non-government) • SLNSW have permissions forms
  11. 11. Social Media • Pandora/Archive-It can collect social media accounts • SLNSW also uses Vizie – CSIRO Data 61 built tool • Enables large scale collecting of accounts and hashtags and queries
  12. 12. Social Media • Anonymised, aggregated content available • collections-significant-collections/social- media-archive • ototype/liveV4.html
  13. 13. What use? • Any suggestions/ideas – send to