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Campbelltown City Library ebooks for home library services


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Presented at Seniors in Focus, State Library of NSW 17 November 2018

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Campbelltown City Library ebooks for home library services

  1. 1. Campbelltown City Library Welcome to Home Library Service
  2. 2. Home Library – Intro • Currently services 170 housebound customers • Home Library Service has two full time staff who select for 170 patrons and also deliver to nursing homes within that 170 Customers over 500 items each fortnight • From July 2017 to June 2018 Home Library Service (HLS) has issued over 10,000 items • In the same period six volunteers from Campbelltown Meals on Wheels have dropped off 327 deliveries and donated 585 hours of their time each year. • We currently have five Audioread Navigators loaded with digital talking books • Overdrive and BorrowBox are used for our digital platforms for talking books
  3. 3. Staffing and Volunteers • There are two full time staff • One Library Officer and one Library Assistant • We have 5 teams of volunteers • Our volunteers are provided by Meals on Wheels • We hold an annual afternoon tea in December to recognize the contribution made by volunteers. Bernedette Robert
  4. 4. Selection of digital talking books using Overdrive and BorrowBox
  5. 5. Audioread Navigator 3
  6. 6. Selecting We use Overdrive and BorrowBox to download digital talking books on to a 16GB memory card that fits into the Navigator 3 we do this by using an external card reader attached by USB to the computer. Downloading from the overdrive website to the Overdrive console then directly to the memory card. BorrowBox is also used to download but is a bit harder to do as the files are in a zip folder and you have to extract them first before moving them onto the memory card.
  7. 7. Statistics Currently we have downloaded and distributed over 90 titles since February 2018. We have four patrons using the Navigator 3 at this time with plans to expand in the future.
  8. 8. Transferring to Navigator • Titles are downloaded from Overdrive to the console on my desktop we usually download 5 titles per patron then we download the titles from the console to the memory card via a card reader, then insert into the Navigator. • We have developed a spreadsheet to keep track of what they have read, this assists with future downloads.
  9. 9. Returns When the navigator is returned to the library from the customer it is then reloaded with new titles. This is a process that takes anything up to 40 minutes per device so time management is essential.
  10. 10. Important Information • It is very important to keep track of what has been read by the customer so designing a spreadsheet is one of the first things to do. • When selecting it is essential to stay within the selection criteria
  11. 11. New Technology The Audioread Navigator 3 is such a good product for Home Library Service customers it is easy to use as it is a one button function. As the ageing population moves forward we will come across people who are tech savvy and are crying out for this type of digital platform. We are always searching for new and improved ways to deliver a digital service
  12. 12. Summary Procedures, strict organisation and forward planning are critical to ensuring Home Library Services are provided promptly and efficiently including downloading of digital files. Home Library Services face the dual challenge of a growing demand due to an ageing population and limited resources. One possible strategy to address increased demand include using new technologies such as the Audioread Navigator 3. Due to the ageing population becoming more tech savvy Home Library Services would need to be up to date with new technology.
  13. 13. Thank You From Campbelltown Home Library Service Team