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Camden Libraries Stroke Recovery Project


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Presented at Seniors in Focus, State Library of NSW 17 November 2018

Published in: Education
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Camden Libraries Stroke Recovery Project

  1. 1. Stroke Recovery Project
  2. 2. Involved Parties- Partnership Camden Stroke Recovery Club Camden Council Library Service Camden Council Camden & Campbelltown Social Work Dept
  3. 3. Review the specific needs of stroke patients in an acute and sub acute setting – Hospital staff Develop community partnerships in a sector that we are passionate about, that would assist: 1. hospital staff to identify tools/resources that will aid the stroke recovery journey 2. hospital inpatients to access appropriate stroke specific resources and local supports – Stroke Recovery Club and Camden Council Library Service What is the aim of The Stroke Recovery Project?
  4. 4. 1. Partnerships developed with Stroke Recovery Club and Camden Council Library Services 2. Stroke Recovery Club submitted Small Grants Application to Camden Council and were successful in receiving a $5000 grant 3. Equipment and resources were purchased What happened next?
  5. 5. Resources and partnerships are now in place to assist us in improving the stroke recovery journey for patients at Camden Hospital: 2. Partnership developed with the local Stroke Recovery Club will be invaluable in assisting patients to transition back to the community from the hospital setting 1. The grant application funds were used to purchase the following: - 5 iPAD’s with anti-shock/anti theft covers - 10 portable DVD players - iTune cards
  6. 6. 3. Partnership between Camden Hospital and Camden Library Services - a major resource provider for the Project: - downloaded therapeutic apps, games etc onto the iPAD’s - donated DVD’s to the hospital for patient use. - will provide regular maintenance checks on the equipment and re-load iPads with updated information and applications if needed. - offer Camden patients free access to library resources and equipment while they are inpatients. - patients may become HLS patrons once released from Camden hosptial
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