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This presentation was given at QPLA in Logan, 26 September 2011.

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  • My work is with public libraries in NSW – to facilitate collaborative projects The key indicators of public library across NSW use show that the public are using libraries more than ever. 2010 figures show: Library visits are above 37 million, and have increased by 15% over the past 5 years Loans have exceeded 50 million per annum for the first time - up 7% over the past 5 years Internet use has increased by 30% in the past 5 years
  • The 2010 library workers challenge http://readersadvisory.wetpaint.com/page/2010+Librarian%27s+Reading+Challenge was the starting point for the 2011 twitter reading group which anyone can participate in. This was the most edited page on the readers advisory wiki in 2010 – and it was for library staff to encourage people to read different things, specifically to read outside their comfort zone – and people participated with enthusiasm. Any of you are welcome to join this wiki
  • Readers advisory meeting in Nowra, February 2011
  • Theme for the year, but each month as separate theme as well The planning for this took place in a readers advisory meeting in Manly late last year, with over 30 people present – people knew it would be discussed at the meeting as it was the sole agenda item. Wiki provided a space prior to the meeting to collect suggestions for those who could not make it to the meeting and quite a few ideas were collected this way State wide group means most people don’t get to all the meetings, hence the value of the wiki for contributions the blog for the reading group was put together by the steering committee – although other people were asked if they wanted to be involved
  • Cathy, Jenn, Vassilki, Amy, Helen, Therese, Monique and I are doing the coordination. Locations of these librarians include Coffs Harbour, Wagga Wagga, Bowral and different parts of Sydney. And not all tweet. The planning has been done by e-mail, teleconference and google docs as we are usually all in the one place once a year at the annual readers advisory seminar in March.
  • Wingecaribee Library on twitter - http://twitter.com/#!/wingecarribee promoting the reading group in May
  • From Townsville Library on twitter https://twitter.com/#!/TownsvilleLib – again - no way to telling it isn’t local
  • And even a specialist library – the Forensic and scientific services library is encouraging their followers to tweet their reading
  • http://flsblog.blogspot.com/2011/08/august-is-sci-fi-month.html From Victoria this public library has picked some highlights for their blog post – linking to the reading group site – and it looks like it is their own work
  • From Readers in the mist blog http://readersinthemist.wordpress.com/2011/08/31/read-it-2011-6/ Similarly here – and it is great to see the way some libraries have really embraced the twitter reading group and been promoting it for their clients
  • Read @ UTS blog http://read.lib.uts.edu.au/ And universities have been doing this as well
  • coming themes for #readit2011 Complete list of themes available from http://readit2011.wordpress.com/
  • Blog for the reading group is at http://readit2011.wordpress.com/ It is called a twitter reading group, but you can use these themes how you like – people can comment on the blog to share their reading, people can write on their own blogs, they can post photographs or videos, discuss in face to face reading groups or tweet
  • Theme for September is #bookbites Each month people tweet their reading during the month, then on the last Tuesday of the month at 8.00pm people tweet their reading live. These are lively discussions. Tomorrow night is the final Tuesday of the month and so the tweet up starts at 8.00am. Please feel free to promote this reading group to your readers – not matter what kind of library you are in.
  • Exploring twapper keeper – this is for a previous month – just to show indicative data – and it is indicative, but it helps to tell the story of what is happening for evaluation url for this page http://summarizr.labs.eduserv.org.uk/?hashtag=geekreads For twapper keeper http://twapperkeeper.com/index.php
  • and Archivist – which is a similar tool I am trying out to see what story is being told through all of this. http://archivist.visitmix.com/ellenforsyth/1 (url for this page) http://archivist.visitmix.com/ Archivist home page
  • Redbubble readit2011 t-shirt http://www.redbubble.com/products/configure/6748844-t-shirt The reference and information services group, which the readers advisory group is part of, has a redbubble account, they make no money from the t-shirts, so what you pay goes fully to redbubble. Reminder to promote reference and information services – t-shirts are being designed for all reference, readers advisory and games seminars – the number sold are low, but they are selling. The group gets no profit as they set up sales this way – other wise it gets too complicated
  • David Lee King wearing one of the readit2011 t-shirts http://www.flickr.com/photos/davidking/5589809243/ The reference group sent it to him when they sent him one for the reference seminar he was presenting at via Skype earlier this year. So it has provided a good way of promoting the reading group, but things are scaling up next year
  • Now we move to the national year of reading – the blog is already live. This has been planned by the NSW readers advisory group – with a meeting in Bowral to discuss the parameters of the themes 10 of which are based on the themes showing on the petals of the love2read flower There is a blog – shown on screen with information about the themes for each month – you may want to use these with in –library reading groups – which is why the information has been available from mid August – or you may just want to promote them to your readers who tweet next year – it is totally up to you http://love2read2012.wordpress.com/
  • Looking at May you can see that there is a broad interpretation each month So that lots of reading will fit. There is also a post about reading so that it is clear that it is not only long form, but that it is in any format, any location any content, and for any age group – while admitting that the style of the blog is more targeting adult reader.
  • these are the themes for 2012. The next 12 slides show and example of how you can participate by reading tweets and blogs about food (borrowing from the current reading theme of #bookbites)
  • Jamie Oliver on twitter http://twitter.com/#!/jamieoliver
  • The food librarian http://foodlibrarian.blogspot.com/
  • Environment Victoria Eating the planet http://www.environmentvictoria.org.au/content/eating-planet
  • Feel good about that gelato http://www.caffedellecarrozze.it/gelato-is-a-healthy-choice/?lang=en
  • Escape to New Orleans reading the menu from Mother’s restaurant http://www.mothersrestaurant.net/
  • Dream of being able to make affordable banana recipes from Taste.com.au http://www.taste.com.au/recipes/collections/banana+recipes
  • Discover digitised cooking manuscripts from the 1700s Wellcome Library recipe manuscripts online http://archives.wellcome.ac.uk/dserve/recipebooks/MS1794.pdf
  • Question the wisdom of bacon brownies http://bacontoday.com/bacon-brownies/
  • Read about how to grow your own sourdough http://boingboing.net/2009/10/06/yeast-where-were-goi.html
  • Explore offal recipes Offal good http://www.offalgood.com/
  • How not to cry from the USA National Onion Association http://www.onions-usa.org/all-about-onions
  • Antonio Carluccio on twitter http://twitter.com/#!/CookCarluccio
  • Next year the plan is there will be a blog post a week – focusing on the reading themes each month. It is also likely that this group will participate in blogjune which this year saw 30 travel read related blog posts written Please use this in what every way works for your readers, but so it is not too late to participate in readit2011 by telling your readers about it. Talk with me about ways your library can use this – you can just use it, no permission to be asked
  • A tweet read: readit2011 a twitter based reading group

    1. 1. Tweet read: readit2011 a twitter based reading group QPLA Logan September 2011 P&D-3152-10/2009
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    4. 6. #readit2011
    5. 7. NSW RA Steering Committee
    6. 14. #bookbites #egoreads #moreads #summerreads
    7. 21. 2012 – twitter reading group
    8. 24. January The amazing read! February Laugh March Think April Feel May Escape June Dream July Discover August Question September Grow October Explore November Cry December love2read
    9. 25. The amazing read!
    10. 26. Laugh
    11. 27. Think
    12. 28. Feel
    13. 29. Escape
    14. 30. Dream
    15. 31. Discover
    16. 32. Question Question
    17. 33. Grow
    18. 34. Explore
    19. 35. Cry
    20. 36. love2read
    21. 38. [email_address] love2read2012.wordpress.com readit2011.wordpress.com