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Bridging the Academic/Practice Divide: Facilitating Collaboration within Public Health                                    ...
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Bridging the Academic/Practice Divide: Facilitating Collaboration within Public Health


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Published in: Health & Medicine
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Bridging the Academic/Practice Divide: Facilitating Collaboration within Public Health

  1. 1. Bridging the Academic/Practice Divide: Facilitating Collaboration within Public Health Kathleen Amos, Sewell Librarian Fellow, Public Health Foundation Background------------ Academic Health Department Learning Community------------------------------------------------------ The 1988 Institute of Medicine report, The Future of Public Health, highlighted the division between public health education A New Community of Practice Community Building Information Management Launched in January 2011, the AHD Learning Steps in AHD Learning Community development: Skills of information discovery, organization, and practice. Academic health Community is a national community focused on   Establishing an advisory workgroup synthesis, and dissemination have proven to be departments (AHDs) help to bridge this AHDs. The community is made up of educators,   Exploring published and grey literature applicable far outside the traditional library setting. gap, bringing public health educators, researchers, and practitioners from across the   Seeking advice and feedback from experienced Information management has had a central role in researchers, and practitioners closer country working together to support the development public health professionals the development of the AHD Learning Community. together. AHDs are formed by the formal of AHDs. Community members share experiences   Communicating with community members affiliation of academic institutions and and knowledge, learn from each other, and   Investigating online community models Discovery: health departments. These collaborative collaborate to identify and create resources for   Holding workgroup and community meetings   Locating AHD literature and resources partnerships aim to enhance public health establishing, sustaining, and expanding AHDs.   Promoting the community using traditional and   Identifying online community models education and training, research, and social media service, with an ultimate goal of building AHD Learning Community activities include:   Creating community spaces online Organization: healthier communities.   Meeting to explore AHD topics   Generating an AHD bibliography   Defining “academic health   Building a collection of partnership agreements department” Objectives--------------   Compiling an AHD bibliography Synthesis:   To build a learning community to   Creating member profiles   Developing an AHD concept paper facilitate knowledge exchange and   Collecting partnership   Producing promotional materials collaboration between public health agreements academia and practice   Hosting a session at the APHA Dissemination:   To explore the relevance and utility of annual meeting   Creating and maintaining community web pages “library” skills in nontraditional contexts   Addressing information and resource requests Conclusions--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Enthusiasm for collaboration and learning communities is high in public health. More than 30 public health professionals volunteered to help organize the AHD Learning Community, and learning community membership has grown steadily without extensive promotion. Information management skills have been highly useful in coordinating the learning community, demonstrating that such skills remain relevant in nontraditional contexts. Visit the AHD Learning Community at Academic Health Department Learning Community is an initiative of the Council on Linkages Between Academia and Public Health Practice, supported by the Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA) and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and staffed by the Public Health Foundation (PHF).