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Introduction to .NET Framework and C# (English)

A brief introduction to .NET Framework and C# for a presentation in Athens University of Economics and Business (in English). MSDN Academic Alliance and Imagine Cup are also discussed.

Vangos Pterneas (
Pavlos Touroulitis
Alex Tzanetopoulos (

Date: October 26, 2010

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Introduction to .NET Framework and C# (English)

  1. 1. .NET Introduction to Framework
  2. 2. Who are we? Google: studentguru aueb
  3. 3. StudentGuru AUEB
  4. 4. StudentGuru AUEB
  5. 5. EnvironmentTools .NET Framework Libraries Console.WriteLine (“Hello world!”); C# F# VB C++
  6. 6. Desktop Web Rich Internet apps Mobile Games Web services Databases Office
  7. 7. .NET applications Operating System .NET Framework application applicationapplication Windows PC Windows Server Linux / Mac
  8. 8. Development Our tools Design
  9. 9. C#
  10. 10. Why C#? Code less Powerful like C++ Easy like VB Active community
  11. 11. Design & development become easier
  12. 12. Java and C# Java C# Object-oriented a a Classes a a Garbage collection a a Cross platform a a Events r a Properties r a LINQ r a
  13. 13. Java and C# Java code (.java) JVM Bytecode Execution C# code (.cs) C# compiler Intermediate language Execution
  14. 14. Demos C# / WinForms / WPF
  15. 15. MSDN Free software Academic Alliance
  16. 16. Free software for students Google: msdn aueb
  17. 17. MSDN Academic Alliance
  18. 18. The world’s premier student competition
  19. 19. Technical training
  20. 20. Technical training Certification
  21. 21. Thesis Technical training Certification
  22. 22. Media Interviews Publicity
  23. 23. Thanx :) Alex Tzanetopoulos Pavlos Touroulitis Vangos Pterneas