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Guide to PsychFutures


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Published in: Career, Education, Technology
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Guide to PsychFutures

  1. 1.
  2. 2. •  A free online networking portal focusing on choosing yournext step in Psychology.•  Directed by Dr Michael Reddy – prominent OccupationalPsychologist and Founder of ICAS International.•  Managed by a team of psychologists, graduates and HR/business professionals in the UK.•  Represented by university reps – aka MavReps.What is PsychFutures?
  3. 3. Since its launch in September 2009, more than 700 members worldwide have joined PsychFutures.Our Members
  4. 4. •  Psych A Level (or equivalent) students•  Current and prospective Psych Undergraduates•  Current and prospective Psych Postgraduates (MSc & PhD)•  Psych academics and professionals•  Anyone looking for a career in PsychologyExample Members Include…
  5. 5. •  Membership is free and it only takes a couple of minutes tocreate your profile.•  PsychFutures has been created to maintain privacy andprofessional standards. There’s no need for photos, contactdetails or personal information to be provided when joining.Signing Up
  6. 6. A Few Places Where We’re Featured
  7. 7. •  The central place tonetwork and shareadvice.•  Designated discussionfor participantrecruitment.•  Ideal for advertisingsecond-hand books forsale.•  The base for debatingabout the latestpsychology research.Forum
  8. 8. •  Published by thePsychFutures team,PsychFutures members,MavReps and invitedwriters.•  Covering a range oftopics including the latestpsychology research andcareers advice.•  PsychFutures is a‘teach street featuredblogger’ site, whichmeans our blogs reach amuch wider audience!Blogs
  9. 9. •  A collection of shortfilms show-casingPsychologydepartments fromschools/universitiesacross the UK.•  Also a collection ofvideos broadcastingPsychology researchand careers advicefrom prominentpsychologists/academics.Videos
  10. 10. •  Our regularlyupdated eventssection advertisesforthcomingconferences,workshops,presentations andlectures in the UK.•  Members areinvited to use thissection to publiclyadvertise their ownevents too.Events
  11. 11. •  Ideal if you’re looking for inspiration when startingdissertations/research projects.•  Linking to useful web articles, blogs, books, podcasts,videos and journal articles.•  Our summaries cover some of the most populartopics including the Psychology of Attraction, Love,Music, Sport and Photography.Research Summaries
  12. 12. •  Check out the ‘PsychFutures Guide to CVs’.•  A collection of ‘Day in the Life’ publications.•  Information on working in Psychology in the UK and EU.Careers Advice
  13. 13. •  Information for UK or International students wanting tostudy Psychology in the UK.•  Information for UK students wanting to study Psychologyabroad.•  Our Study pages include tips and advice on funding,university applications and course accreditation.Study Advice
  14. 14. •  PsychFutures has previously ran survey and photographycompetitions.•  Prizes include a £150 Sony Pocket E-Reader and iTunesVouchers.Competitions
  15. 15. PsychFutures@PsychFuturesFollow and Like us!
  16. 16. •  Contact your MavRep •  Or write to Keely Frasca: keely@mavedu.comGet in Touch