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New Features on PsycINFO - EBSCOhost


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New Features on PsycINFO - EBSCOhost

  1. 1. Introducing New Features in PsycINFO® Search & Display Fields on EBSCOhost October 2016 Marta Soto, MSLIS
  2. 2. • A new version of the PsycINFO database is created • New fields and revised fields are added to search & display • All 4+ million records in PsycINFO are updated with these new fields & features • PsycARTICLES®, PsycBOOKS®, and PsycCRITIQUES® are also updated How We Deliver New Features in PsycINFO
  3. 3. • Search with greater precision • Learn more about articles & books right in the record • Highlight information that is increasingly important to researchers • Improve cross-platform searching • Ideas come from industry trends, changes in the content we receive, and user feedback Why We Deliver New Features in PsycINFO
  4. 4. Twelve value-added features to PsycINFO are explored in today’s presentation
  5. 5. Impact Statements describe the relevance of the research to the general public Helps to justify a research project, like in grant writing Access More Relevant Content Open Access makes it clear at a glance if an article or journal is available through open access Discover full-text content Data Sets PsycINFO records include DOIs and other links for access to a data set (when available)sss, as well as a description of the data set Learn more about the research by looking at the data yourself These new fields are increasingly used in published research.
  6. 6. MeSH Medical Subject Headings from PubMed Find research through either controlled vocabulary - MeSH or PsycINFO’s MeSH terms link to PubMed for cross-platform searching Added to the full archive of PsycINFO records Search Across Platforms Clinical Trial Numbers indicates research was funded through a grant from NIH or other WHO approved agency See the full picture of a study through the link to NIH website NLM Title Abbreviation the NLM abbreviation of a journal title, as seen in PubMed Provides an alternate way to search for an identify a publication Added to the full archive of PsycINFO records These new fields are particularly useful for health & medical researchers.
  7. 7. Support International Collaboration Source Title Translation for non-English journal titles, the publisher’s English translation Preserves bibliographic accuracy while giving another way to search for and identify journal titles Added to the full archive of PsycINFO records Abstracts publisher-provided abstracts in non-English Roman alphabet languages Read the abstract in the author’s first language English abstracts will always be available These new fields are particularly useful for those fluent in more than one language.
  8. 8. Discover Concepts Right in the Record Methodology: Metasynthesis Interpretive integration of primary research; can provide evidence for a grant application Population Group: Transgender Reflects the science and highlights research focused on this population Document Types: Clarification & Retraction Distinguished from “Erratum/Correction” for an accurate publication history of an article Added to the full archive of PsycINFO records Dissertation Details Advisor(s), Degree, Institution, Department Find new collaborators or identify thought leaders/advisors in evolving areas of research Gives precision to your searches.
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  13. 13. APA Databases Blog: Webinar Schedule: For More Information
  14. 14. Questions? Marta Soto, MSLIS | 800-374-2722 | Thank You!