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APA Sunrise Seminar at MLA 2017


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This session included an overview of new fields and features added to PsycINFO® in 2016, and reviewed how to write a paper using APA Style CENTRAL®. It includes a refresher on PsycTESTS® as an appendix, featuring screenshots of search demos on APA PsycNET, EBSCOhost, Ovid, and ProQuest. It was presented on Monday, May 29, 2017 at the Medical Library Association Annual Meeting in Seattle, WA.

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APA Sunrise Seminar at MLA 2017

  1. 1. APA Sunrise Seminar MLA 2017 | Seattle, WA Monday, May 29, 2017
  2. 2. Welcome! • New Fields & Features in PsycINFO® • APA Style CENTRAL ® • What’s New at APA • Training Materials • Appendix: PsycTESTS® Refresher
  3. 3. 50th Anniversary of PsycINFO®
  4. 4. 125th Anniversary of APA American Psychological Association “Our mission is to advance the creation, communication, and application of psychological knowledge to benefit society and improve people’s lives.”
  5. 5. 50th Anniversary of PsycINFO® 1894 – Psychological Index 1927 – Psychological Abstracts 1967 – PsycINFO is launched!
  6. 6. 50th Anniversary of PsycINFO® 4.3 million records Oldest items are from 1597! Journal articles – book chapters - dissertations
  7. 7. New PsycINFO® Fields & Features
  8. 8. • Comprehensive update that adds new features - all 4+ million records updated • PsycARTICLES®, PsycBOOKS®, and PsycCRITIQUES® also updated New Fields & Features
  9. 9. • Search with greater precision • Learn more about articles & books in the record • Highlight information that’s increasingly important to researchers • Improve cross-platform searching New Fields & Features
  10. 10. More Relevant Content • When provided, adding Impact Statements, which describe the relevance of the research to the general public. • Added Open Access icon to records to discover full-text content more easily • Including more information about Data Sets, including links when available, so you can learn about the data yourself
  11. 11. Search Across Platforms • Adding MeSH Terms to records for items that are also indexed in PubMed, so you can search with the terms you’re already familiar with • Providing Clinical Trial Numbers and links to, to see the full picture of a study • Added NLM Title Abbreviations to records and journal title search, providing an alternate way to identify a publication
  12. 12. International Collaboration • For foreign language journals: - providing the abstract in the original language, as well as the English translation, so you can read the abstract in the author’s first language! - added the publisher’s English translation of the journal title
  13. 13. Discover Concepts in the Record • New Dissertation Details including Advisor(s), Degree, Institution, Department. Find new collaborators and identify thought leaders. • New value for Methodology limiter: Metasynthesis • New value for Population Group limiter: Transgender • New Document Types: Clarification & Retraction, so we can be more precise with corrections and retractions
  14. 14. PsycINFO® Search Demo EBSCOhost
  15. 15. For More Information • Recordings of webinars from this fall on the PsycINFO® YouTube Channel • Slides from those webinars on the PsycINFO SlideShare Page • APA Databases & Electronic Resources Blog – look for the tag cloud in the sidebar, and click on your platform name
  16. 16. APA Style CENTRAL®
  17. 17. What’s New at APA
  18. 18. A New Look for PsycTHERAPY®
  19. 19. APA Handbook of Trauma Psychology Covers conceptual frameworks for understanding trauma, applications of trauma psychology, assessment, treatment APA Handbooks APA Handbooks in Psychology
  20. 20. APA Handbook of Forensic Neuropsychology Covers scientific and clinical neuropsychological advances and their application in forensic contexts. APA Handbooks APA Handbooks in Psychology
  21. 21. APA Handbook of Clinical Psychology Reflects the state-of-the-art in science, practice, research, and training. APA Handbooks APA Handbooks in Psychology
  22. 22. Look Like An Expert
  23. 23. • Handouts & Guides • Administrator LibGuide • APA Style CENTRAL YouTube Channel • Presentations on SlideShare • Webinar Schedule • Twitter: @APAStyleCENTRAL • NEW! APA Style CENTRAL Listserv (announcements only) APA Style CENTRAL Training Materials
  24. 24. • What you need, when you need it • Content customized for you & your colleagues • Sessions for students, faculty, university staff • APA Style CENTRAL Webinars and Presentations
  25. 25. • PsycINFO Quick Reference Guides • Getting Started with PsycTESTS • APA Databases YouTube Channel • Presentations on SlideShare • APA Databases Webinars • PsycINFO Listserv (announcements only) APA Databases Training Materials
  26. 26. APA Databases: APA Style CENTRAL: 800-374-2722 | 202-336-5650 Washington, DC APA Customer Relations Supporting APA Style CENTRAL & APA Databases
  27. 27. Appendix PsycTESTS® Refresher
  28. 28. • Information about psychological tests, measures, scales, etc. • Tests come from articles, book chapters, dissertations, technical reports. Some author submissions, commercial tests. • Resource for students learning how to construct measures • Material for researchers developing their own instruments • Over 42,000 tests represented; full or partial version available for just over 50% What is PsycTESTS®?
  29. 29. • Summary of the test • Purpose, Instrument Type • Administration Method & Time • Reliability, Validity, Factor Analysis • Keywords, Index Terms • Source document – typically a journal article • Full list of fields: What information is provided?
  30. 30. Test Master Record Test Name, Acronym, Year Author(s) Construct Measured Purpose Administration Method Other Versions Summary Full or Partial Test Test Use Record Test Review Record Supplemental Material Test Primary Data Record Test Development Record OR
  31. 31. • Test Master Record provides basic information & links to other records: - Development Record from an article or chapter describing the development of the instrument - Use Record from a document that describes a new use of the test - Review Record from an article or chapter evaluating the use of the instrument • Primary Data Record is provided for commercial tests or historic tests with no source document Types of Records in PsycTESTS®
  32. 32. Getting Started with PsycTESTS®
  33. 33. PsycTESTS® Search Demo
  34. 34. Test Master Record: Basic information & summary Links Box: Full or Partial Test Download, if available; Supplemental Materials, if available. Test Development, Use, and Review Records: Each in their own tab; Use and Review Records are only available for a small number of tests