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ALA Midwinter 2017 Lunch & Learn


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This session included an overview of how to incorporate APA Style CENTRAL®, our new resource for writing in APA Style®, into your courses and workshops. Live search demos on the APA Databases reviewed new fields and features added to PsycINFO® in 2016, and provided a refresher on PsycTESTS®. It was presented on Monday, January 23, 2017 at the American Library Association Midwinter Meeting & Exhibits in Atlanta, GA.

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ALA Midwinter 2017 Lunch & Learn

  1. 1. ALA Midwinter Lunch & Learn American Psychological Association ǀ 2017 ALA Midwinter Meeting Alison K. Cody, MSLIS and Dawn E. Harper, MSLIS
  2. 2. Welcome! • Incorporating APA Style CENTRAL® into your teaching • New Fields & Features in PsycINFO® • Searching PsycTESTS® • New and forthcoming publications • Training materials for APA Style CENTRAL & APA Databases ALA Midwinter Lunch & Learn
  3. 3. Using APA Style CENTRAL® American Psychological Association ǀ 2017 ALA Midwinter Meeting
  4. 4. APA Style CENTRAL® ǀ APA Style CENTRAL® • Platform Overview • Using APA Style CENTRAL learning objects to teach APA Style® • Using Research Center tools to track and monitor the research process • Using the Writing Center to coach and collaborate OVERVIEW
  5. 5. APA Style CENTRAL® ǀ APA Style CENTRAL® • Web-based application facilitates learning and empowers users to become better researchers, writers, and scholars • 24/7 educational mentor with an emphasis on learning reinforcement and retention • Fosters critical thinking skills and encourages students to take ownership of their work • Designed for undergraduate and graduate students…and their instructors and librarians OVERVIEW
  6. 6. OVERVIEW
  7. 7. ALA Midwinter 2017 Lunch and Learn APA Style CENTRAL® ǀ Using Learning Center Content to Teach APA Style®
  11. 11. APA Style CENTRAL® ǀ Using Learning Center Content • Embed reference samples for required or frequently used types of resources (a textbook or journal article). • Group similar quick guides for supplemental learning opportunities. • Assign tutorials in a flipped classroom model. • Use self-quizzes as study material for graded tests (available through LTI integration). LEARNING CENTER
  12. 12. APA Style CENTRAL® ǀ Using Learning Center Content Through LTI Integration • Incorporate learning objects into a course without using or editing HTML • Graded tests (10 pre-formatted tests) • Additional bank of test questions Note: LTI integration must be performed by an individual with LMS administrator rights. LEARNING CENTER
  13. 13. APA Style CENTRAL® ǀ Using Research Center Tools ALA Midwinter 2017 Lunch and Learn
  21. 21. APA Style CENTRAL® ǀ Using Research Center Tools • Use Develop My Research Idea with first year students still learning about the research and writing process to develop an appropriate topic. • Use Plan and Track My Research in Research Design courses to standardize the structure and appearance to make assessment easier. • Use Describe My Tests and Measures with advisees or new researchers who are new to publishing manuscripts and original research. • Use Track the Flow of Participants to create an exportable flowchart so you don’t have to worry about learning new visualization software. RESEARCH CENTER
  22. 22. APA Style CENTRAL® ǀ Collaborating in the Writing Center ALA Midwinter 2017 Lunch and Learn
  26. 26. APA Style CENTRAL® ǀ Collaborating in the Writing Center • Add a professor, TA, or writing tutor as a reviewer or collaborator for review before grading • As an instructor, add students as collaborators to specific sections of a paper for group assignments • Collaborate with colleagues at your institution (or other subscribing institutions) on your own research WRITING CENTER
  27. 27. APA Style CENTRAL® ǀ Explore Publishing Opportunities ALA Midwinter 2017 Lunch and Learn
  31. 31. APA Style CENTRAL® ǀ Explore Publishing Opportunities • Undergraduates can search topics to learn which journals best match their areas of study or research. • Early career researchers or those engaged in new cross-disciplinary research can find appropriate publishing opportunities. • Search weighted index terms to learn about new publishing opportunities for your work. PUBLISHING CENTER
  32. 32. APA Style CENTRAL® ǀ Questions? Web: Email: Phone: (202) 336-5650, 800-374-2722
  33. 33. ALA Midwinter 2017 Lunch and Learn New PsycINFO® Fields & Features
  34. 34. New Fields & Features in PsycINFO® • Highlight information that’s increasingly important to researchers; improve cross-platform searching and search precision • Comprehensive update that adds new features - all 4+ million records updated • PsycARTICLES®, PsycBOOKS®, and PsycCRITIQUES® also updated PsycINFO® Update
  35. 35. New Fields & Features in PsycINFO® • Search with greater precision • Learn more about articles & books in the record • Highlight information that’s increasingly important to researchers • Improve cross-platform searching PsycINFO® Update
  36. 36. New Fields & Features in PsycINFO® • Very brief overview today • Recordings of webinars from this fall on YouTube • Slides from those webinars on SlideShare PsycINFO® Update
  37. 37. Access More Relevant Content • When provided, adding Impact Statements, which describe the relevance of the research to the general public. • Added Open Access icon to records to discover full-text content more easily • Including more information about Data Sets, including links when available, so you can learn about the data yourself PsycINFO® Update
  38. 38. Search Across Platforms • Adding MeSH Terms to records for items that are also indexed in PubMed, so you can search with the terms you’re already familiar with • Providing Clinical Trial Numbers and links to, to see the full picture of a study • Added NLM Title Abbreviations to records and journal title search, providing an alternate way to identify a publication PsycINFO® Update
  39. 39. Support International Collaboration • For foreign language journals: - providing the abstract in the original language, as well as the English translation, so you can read the abstract in the author’s first language! - added the publisher’s English translation of the journal title PsycINFO® Update
  40. 40. Discover Concepts in the Record • New Dissertation Details including Advisor(s), Degree, Institution, Department. Find new collaborators and identify thought leaders. • New value for Methodology limiter: Metasynthesis • New value for Population Group limiter: Transgender • New Document Types: Clarification & Retraction, so we can be more precise with corrections and retractions PsycINFO® Update
  41. 41. For More Information • Recordings of webinars from this fall on YouTube • Slides from those webinars on SlideShare • APA Databases & Electronic Resources Blog – look for the tag cloud in the sidebar, and click on your platform name PsycINFO® Update
  42. 42. ALA Midwinter 2017 Lunch and Learn Exploring PsycTESTS®
  43. 43. What is PsycTESTS®? • Information about psychological tests, measures, scales, etc. • Tests come from articles, book chapters, dissertations, technical reports. Some author submissions, commercial tests. • Resource for students learning how to construct measures • Material for researchers developing their own instruments • Over 42,000 tests represented; full or partial version available for just over 50% Exploring PsycTESTS®
  44. 44. What information is provided? • Summary of the test • Purpose, Instrument Type • Administration Method & Time • Reliability, Validity, Factor Analysis • Keywords, Index Terms • Source document – typically a journal article • Full list of fields: Exploring PsycTESTS®
  45. 45. Exploring PsycTESTS® Test Master Record Test Name, Acronym, Year Author(s) Construct Measured Purpose Administration Method Other Versions Summary Full or Partial Test Test Use Record Test Review Record Supplemental Material Test Primary Data Record Test Development Record OR
  46. 46. Types of Records in PsycTESTS® • Test Master Record provides basic information & links to other records: - Development Record from an article or chapter describing the development of the instrument - Use Record from a document that describes a new use of the test - Review Record from an article or chapter evaluating the use of the instrument • Primary Data Record is provided for commercial tests or historic tests with no source document Exploring PsycTESTS®
  47. 47. Getting Started with PsycTESTS® Exploring PsycTESTS®
  48. 48. PsycTESTS® Search Demos APA PsycNET® and EBSCOhost
  49. 49. Exploring PsycTESTS® | APA PsycNET®
  50. 50. Test Master Record: Basic information & summary Links Box: Full or Partial Test Download, if available; Supplemental Materials, if available. Test Development, Use, and Review Records: Each in their own tab; Use and Review Records are only available for a small number of tests
  51. 51. Exploring PsycTESTS® | APA PsycNET®
  52. 52. Exploring PsycTESTS® | APA PsycNET®
  53. 53. Exploring PsycTESTS® | APA PsycNET®
  54. 54. Exploring PsycTESTS® | APA PsycNET®
  55. 55. Exploring PsycTESTS® | APA PsycNET®
  56. 56. Exploring PsycTESTS® | APA PsycNET®
  57. 57. Exploring PsycTESTS ® | EBSCOhost
  58. 58. Exploring PsycTESTS ® | EBSCOhost
  59. 59. Exploring PsycTESTS ® | EBSCOhost
  60. 60. Exploring PsycTESTS ® | EBSCOhost
  61. 61. Exploring PsycTESTS ® | EBSCOhost
  62. 62. Exploring PsycTESTS® | ProQuest
  63. 63. Exploring PsycTESTS® | ProQuest
  64. 64. Exploring PsycTESTS® | ProQuest
  65. 65. Exploring PsycTESTS® | ProQuest ®
  66. 66. Exploring PsycTESTS® | ProQuest
  67. 67. Exploring PsycTESTS® | Ovid
  68. 68. Exploring PsycTESTS® | Ovid
  69. 69. Exploring PsycTESTS® | Ovid
  70. 70. ALA Midwinter 2017 Lunch and Learn New & Forthcoming from APA
  71. 71. New & Forthcoming Publications APA Books E-Collection 2017 • 2017 copyright year collection of APA scholarly and professional books • Electronic access via APA PsycNET® • One-time purchase - You own the content! • Learn more:
  72. 72. New & Forthcoming Publications APA Handbooks in Psychology • Reference resources providing comprehensive overviews and in-depth analysis of a variety of subfields of psychology • NEW! APA Handbook of Comparative Psychology • Study of animal cognition & behavior from an evolutionary perspective • Learn more:
  73. 73. New & Forthcoming Publications APA Videos® For clinical training & education: • APA Psychotherapy Video Series • APA Psychotherapy Supervision Video Series • APA Psychological Assessment Video Series • NEW! Purchase streaming versions of APA Videos • New titles added within a month of release • Learn more:
  74. 74. ALA Midwinter 2017 Lunch and Learn Look Like An Expert
  75. 75. Look Like An Expert
  76. 76. • Supporting professional development for early- and mid-career librarians • Three $750 awards per year • Through April 30, apply for funding for conferences from May – August 2017 • Learn more: Look Like An Expert Librarian Conference Travel Award
  77. 77. New & Forthcoming Publications APA Style CENTRAL® Handouts • For end-users, librarians, and faculty • Please share and repurpose! • Accessing the Publication Manual • Creating APA Style CENTRAL Accounts • APA Style CENTRAL Technical Requirements • Analytics • Quiz & Test Content See them all:
  78. 78. New & Forthcoming Publications More APA Style CENTRAL® Training Materials • APA Style CENTRAL YouTube Channel • APA Style CENTRAL Presentations on SlideShare • Webinar Schedule • Twitter: @APAStyleCENTRAL
  79. 79. New & Forthcoming Publications PsycINFO® Quick Reference Guides
  80. 80. Look Like An Expert APA Databases Training Materials • Video Tutorials on YouTube • Webinars for Students & Faculty • Webinars for Librarians • Presentation Archive on Slideshare • PsycINFO Listserv (announcements only) • Record Structures & Field Guides • Coverage Lists • Getting Started with PsycTESTS • Classification Code Lists
  81. 81. New & Forthcoming Publications APA Databases: APA Style CENTRAL: APA Style Experts: APA Databases & Electronic Resources Customer Relations 800-374-2722 | 202-336-5650 750 First Street NE, Washington, DC 20002 Thank You!