Pk 1 yr


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Pk 1 yr

  1. 1. 1 Year Anniversary of Karan & PriyankaJune 26, 2012
  2. 2. Once upon a time..In 2007, a guy named Karan and a girl named Priyanka met at a clubHe thought she was cute, she thought he was handsome and they giggled and flirted, maybe danced and exchanged glances..But then the night ended and they went their separate ways..
  3. 3. Two years later..Two years later, Karan and Priyanka’s eyes met again, but this time both was with another personPriyanka with another man and Karan with another women, but still their eyes locked and they felt their hearts smiling but quickly looked away…
  4. 4. Two years even later..Then one day..Priyanka saw a picture of Karan and thought he was super handsome. She took all her courage and sent him a message professing her thoughtsAfter a couple exchanged messages, missed calls, late night texts, confusion and playfulness..they decided to meet
  5. 5. Then one days sometime in April 2011..They met..Here!But..It was too hot sothey hopped onover to others
  6. 6. They drank and they laughed and drank and laughed..ADD FUN BEER LAUGHING HEHEShe broke every rule in the “What Not To Say On Your First Date Rule Book” but they still laughed and flirted, giggled and laughed a little moreThen he went to drop her off but OH NO!He tripped over a But she liked him anyway...
  7. 7. From that day onwards.. They never left each others side!!! They never left each others side…
  8. 8. And so the crazy love birds traveled fromBoston Princeton BostonJust to give each otherkisses and hugs
  9. 9. Then one day on June 27, 2011..Karan asked Priyanka to be his girlfriend in a car in the rain and she said YES!! And that kiss started their crazy year together…
  10. 10. And of course we cannot forget wine +shower
  11. 11. June 27, 2012 as we celebrate our 1 Year togetherI want to tell you that I love you very muchI have had so much fun this year with you and I really love every aspect of you from your big hugs to your kind eyes I hope you and I can celebrate many more years togetherI am sorry I couldn’t be there but when I get home I am never leaving your side..
  12. 12. And hopefully this fairytail will be happily ever after..I LOVE YOU KARAN!!!!!