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Business Law MBA - TORT


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This is a small & brief description of the word Tort which comes in most of the law examination for MBA.

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Business Law MBA - TORT

  1. 1. PSB Training Academy | Tollygunge, Malancha Cinema, 42 Vivekananda Nagar Kolkata 700 040 9748882085, 9331998872, 9231337173, PSB Learning Material LAW P 2015 1 Torts The term tort is derived from the latin word “Tortum” which means wrong.” Tortum” means twisted or crooked and implies conduct which is not straightforward or lawful. Feasance means doing. Malfeasance and misfeasance results from commission i.e positive acts. Non – feasance refers to omission i.e negative acts. Tortuous act is explained in terms of Malfeasance- Refers to actual commission of an unlawful act. Ex- Driving a car without a license. Misfeasance- Improper performance of a lawful act, ex- driving a four-wheeler while holding a license of two wheeler Non- Feasance- Non- performance of an act, when one is under legal duty to perform it.Ex- A doctor is not doing the treatment of his patients which he is bound to do.